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  1. A nice vintage family picture
  2. Rhodey

    Summer plans

    I dont believe thats off Skyline Drive. Its definately off the Blue Ridge Parkway which DOES become Skyline Drive though. I camped at Peaks of Otter one night. The next morning at the crack of dawn I was awoken abruptly by a Ranger saying they were getting ready to spray for Gypsy Moths. So I hightailed it out of there and went to the restaurant nearby for breakfast and watched the helicopters spray their poison. The day before I hiked to the summit there above the camping area. The Blue Ridge Pkwy/Skyline Drive are fantastic. I stayed on a farm that was a major confederate war c
  3. I can't get into a band that is such a weak shell of it's former self. They might as well just be a cover/tribute band. The only decent J. Starship music to me was the first couple they put out, before that Mickey Thomas era.
  4. Here's your tour dates. They've already played in Englewood NJ. They're playing in Saratoga Springs at the end of June. Oh, also in August back in the City. Maybe that's the Harlem show you're talking about. 4-22 Englewood, NJ Bergen Performing Arts Center Venue Tickets 4-23 New York, NY Carnegie Hall Venue Tickets http://www.chickcorea.com/on_tour.php
  5. WHO is still in that band? Any originals? Maybe Paul Kantner?
  6. I just don't see any way of being able to see them this summer and it kills me. They were one of my favorites in the mid 70s. Damn
  7. The Who had a song called Heaven and Hell. It's the first song on the revamped "Live at Leeds" cd. John Entwistle sings it with Roger harmonizing. It rocks!
  8. I roar in laughter and dig the grooves of this, it's playing now!
  9. This first recording by Chick Corea of Return to Forever wasn't the intense jazz-rock of the later "combo". This one had Airto and Flora Purim and Joe Farrell on flute to give it an 'airey' texture. Stanley Clarke was on it playing acoustic bass and it's a different beast from the Al Dimeola and Lenny White group it transformed into. I highly recommend it for mellower pursuits. It's hypnotic.
  10. Rhodey


    More fun with smoking! A typical Deadhead ? They are none too crazy! Thanks for the memories!
  11. Rhodey


    Those are all wimpy cigarettes anyway. Kinda gay. This doobie is MAN sized. Now that's cool
  12. Rhodey

    Summer plans

    I was just near there over the last few days crossing Skyline Drive above Shenandoah Valley. What a coincidence!
  13. Did I just read that Georgia's Bob Barr has just announced his run as the Libertarian candidate?
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