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  1. I don't think he would mind with his son on the drums.Its like taking the steps of his father.And i would not slap you.
  2. Its a generation thing.I like Zeppelin beacase my mom loves em too
  3. a matter of life and death an album by iron maiden
  4. 1.Iron Maiden-Run to the hills 2.Iced Earth-Jack 3.Iron Maiden-The Trooper 4.Led Zeppelin-Kashmir 5.Demon & Wizards-There is Blood on my Hands 6.Red Hot Chili Peppers-Californication 7.Led Zeppelin-Whole Lot Of Love 8.Led Zeppelin-Achilles Last Stand 9.Iron Maiden-The Assasin 10.AC/DC-Highway To Hell
  5. Guns 'n Roses Iron Maiden Mettalica Megadeth Iced Earth Blind Guardian Red Hot Chili Peppers Demons and Wizards
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