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  1. I have to start out by saying that every song that he sang was totally fantastic in its own way. Every range, pitch and note was perfect for each song. That being said, two of my favorites with his vocal range are IMTOD and SIBLY. But for the record, I love them all.
  2. Christmas. Charcoal or Gas
  3. Awesome drums! I see you also live in Illinois. Are you a Bears fan?

  4. Not only are they the BEST band ever..... I think I can safely say they are the soundtrack of my life. Have you ever wondered if your life was a movie, what would the soundtrack be? Mine would mostly be Zeppelin. Zoso
  5. I guess my first post after lurking for a while will be on how hot Pagey is. For me it starts at the top. I think he is brilliant! He is pure a pure musical genius ! I have happily spent many hours debating (ususally with some guy), that Jimmy Page is THE guitar GOD. Ever. Period. I usually win...Heehee. so for me I guess its the intelligence, talent, his aura, the eyes, body, way he moves etc. I wont get gross. I can honestly say he is the hottest 60 something alive! Rock on Jimmy
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