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  1. Who the hell did they poll? Jimmy is number one hands down, no competition!
  2. I LOVED him in the 70's, but I got to see him and Jimmy in the 90's and thought he had never looked better. So I chose 90's.
  3. WLUP is 97.9 in Chicago does it every night at 8 pm. Enjoy
  4. That has got to be the most well thought out, beautifully crafted tat I have EVER seen !! That absolutely ROCKS!
  5. I have to start out by saying that every song that he sang was totally fantastic in its own way. Every range, pitch and note was perfect for each song. That being said, two of my favorites with his vocal range are IMTOD and SIBLY. But for the record, I love them all.
  6. God Angel, I almost had to go get a kleenex! That was BEAUTIFUL!!!! Thank-you.
  7. I cant guess what the author of Aladin was thinking, but as far as thoughts etc, thoughts are energy, and energy never dies. Something to ponder on.
  8. Thank-you for sharing. I had never seen either one of these clips. They are priceless!!
  9. Thank you for the post Planetpage. I really enjoyed reading that. I just love to read stuff Ive never read before and can find tons of it looking around here. Thank-you for sharing.
  10. Wow that's a GREAT video! Where are you guys from?
  11. Thanks for posting this Wholelottajimmy! Very interesting, but I have a problem with the fact that they seemed to think the Song Remains the Same movie was crap! Oh well, its their opinion I guess.
  12. Christmas. Charcoal or Gas
  13. I voted for NQ, but I couldnt decide between that and Kashmir! I get anxious trying to pick.....lol. I also LOVE the his keyboard performance at the end of Over the hills and far away, ( the album version). It absolutely rocks!
  14. Awesome drums! I see you also live in Illinois. Are you a Bears fan?

  15. Oh - My - God !!!!! That is the most utterly beautiful set of drum sets ever! I am speechless. Rock on dude.
  16. Oh my gosh, I love to go to sleep listening to Zep! Mostly I like to put in the movie SRTS. Zeppelin is very diverse. Roberts voice has a soothing effect on my soul. I have found through the years, that it is only with Zep. I can also listen to the same thing in the daytime and totally get pumped and full of energy. Im just very happy to know that Im not the only one who likes to do this.
  17. I think for me it started out with their mystical lyrics , Jimmy's unequaled mastery , Jonseys double blessed talents, Bonzo's thunder beat, and the unbelievable range and depth of Plants voice. It had to be a cosmic/devine destiny of the 4 perfect parts that made one unbelievable whole! We used to just lay around and listen to their entire albums. I couldnt wait for SRTS to hit the stores! If I remember correctly, the album came out before the movie did. I was absolutely blown away by them live! I have been listening to them for about 35 years and they are the soundtrack of my life. There is
  18. I also cant decide between MSG and Earls Court. SRTS TOTALLY ROCKS !! Besides I have very fond memories of going to see it when it first came out in the theaters. Earls Court probably has the best version of IMTOD on it. I absolutely love it. I also love the way they all came up front and did the acoustic session. Let's face it I really love it all. But as a choice, Im going to say MSG. !!
  19. Sighs Longingly...............................
  20. THanks Achilles! Great info. I am however going through withdrawls. I think most of the bootleg stuff on you tube sucks. There are a couple of good ones, but boy would I LOVE to see what Jimmy can do! Just my two cents. Zoso
  21. Wow that was awesome!! Great job! How fortunate you are to be able to do this. I am looking forward to your next post. What a fun thing to look forward to. Blessings, Zoso
  22. Great question Kristina. I think moods might influence which ones feed my soul at what time, but 3 of them that make me breathe in and think ahhhhh, are The Rain Song, Since I've Been Loving You, and Going to California. I could go on and on. Maybe we could turn this into multiple questions such as When you are in a happy mood, sad mood etc. Love and Light, Zoso
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