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  1. A shout out to Mr. Robert Plant...Turning 60 tomorrow...Hope all your dreams did come true...Happy Happy... Peace Mary Jane
  2. OK Lets just replace Page and Jones and start something new...I guess my point is Led Zeppelin as we know and knew them are never more...(no pun to Alan Parsons)...The presents of others in the band is just not Led Zeppelin...Be it Plant or whom ever that wants to let sleeping dogs lie is right...They came they were now they are gone...I think just enjoying what those four men gave us is enough and to say that anyone can fill any of their shoes is not thinking clearly...It was the moment the ride the fullment of music... Peace MJ
  3. Seen Plant and Krause June 4 2008 at Mohgen Sun Casion for B-day...Have to say they are wonderful together, they brought a sound that was a perfect marriage...But to be honest I was there for Mr.Robert Plant...Could have cared less if she was there or not...He could have come out and just sat there and my world have been complete with just his arua..The man delievered presents like no other singer...His cool moves and mature voice...Can't ask for more than that... Peace Mary Jane
  4. It is what ever music you listen to how it touches the soul...And does it sing??? Peace MJ
  5. Ok...This is a very personal Q...Sitting in a friends room back in the day(when a nickel cost $5) and someone pulled up and was playing The Ocean...AHHHH what a day!!! Then Came Over the Hills and Far Away...Been hooked ever since...Ahhhhh those were the days my friends... Peace Mary Jane
  6. Already have my tickets for this show...They will be here the day i turn 47...Wow what a gift...Can't wait to hear that angel sing (plant)...Oh and to fall in love again with the man... Peace Mary Jane
  7. Ledded 1 on his website he stated he has been on the road for over 30 years and wants to take time now to raise his 2 small children...Which he has undoutbly earned...
  8. Morning zeppelin loves...Last night as i was was told that Phil Collins has retired...This in my personal opinion is a big downer for all...This man helped Zeppelin, Clapton and a list of other many other greats over his career...Many may remember just his that made one say "what was he thinking"...I however I remember a drummer that out stood most...A composer who single handly raised millions for the homeless...Live aid who was the drummer for Zeppelin? Phil Collins...He worked on many projects with Zeppelin...However I have never seen anyone credit him...The last Genesis Tour just came and
  9. God Bless our taste in music...It has given my kids the love for all types...My 25 and 21 year old love Zeppelin...However I am the number 1 fan in the house.... Peace Mary Jane
  10. You know I forgot Alan Parsons project, Frank Zappa, Crosby,still,nash and young,Bob dylan, God the list goes on...sorry Peace Mary Jane
  11. Two different styles...Can not compare...It's like saying Pink Floyd vs.Zeppelin...Progressive rocks vs blues rock... Peace Mary Jane
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