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  1. That Back in Black Article sux! I DO NOT want to see Jimmy's awesome playing under a crappy rap artist singer or Prince. Yucky, yucky, yucky.....
  2. They should just call themselves the virtuosos and be done with it! LOL Who cares??? Yes, I REALLY want this. I don't get the it's not LZ w/o Bonham thing as his son is a testament to his legacy; but, without Plant it shouldn't be called that. However, I say forge ahead if they can find a replacement singer who can actually sing and learn all the lyrics properly as on the albums/recordings. The singer just needs to be good (that leaves out Grohl for sure) and gel with the other guys. That's it. He doesn't have to sound like RP. I wish Plant would come around (Krause over LZ? Real
  3. I just cannot watch this. I saw a brief bit of it and Grohl looked like an egomaniac crazy person and couldn't sing worth a da*n because he was tryng too hard for one thing. To put him next to Jimmy and JPJ is, well, a let down. Than ks for the heads up anyway, though.
  4. Well that explains a lot. It's not just LZ either. Old geezers and young money nazis = Warner Bros. Where did all the artists in management go??? It seems these days they are mostly snotty nosed Jonas Bros. fans. :-( I could understand some things not being appropriate for YT but enough is enough. I can see all of another band's documentary on YT but I STILL bought it because I wanted the whole thing to watch on a bigger screen. Same thing with LZ.
  5. Puff Daddy or Jack Black??? LMAO
  6. I think we're pretty much all bummed around here but I will keep a bit of hope regardless of what anyone says unless there is a national press conference all over the tv with Jimmy and Robert saying hell no. Otherwise, it's all hearsay to me. Heck, even if that happened I might still be in disbelief! I want to see them so bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Thanks for the heads up! Got the last one at my Barnes 'n Noble today (Saturday). Also, the Jan 2009 issue of Uncut has a great pic of Jimmy on front with interviews. I got both while there. Off to read! Too lazy to go out while it's raining like mad outside so this is great to pass the time. Anyone else feel a bit bummed after the holidays?
  8. I'm in my early thirties so I really didn't "know" about Led Zeppelin until I was about five but my parents let us listen to the radio from birth (no kiddies music!) so I remembered hearing the songs before I knew who wrote them. So, I don't know the first song I ever heard but the first one to stick with me was Black Dog because our DJ on our rock station at the time was obsessed with that song. My boyfriend in college bought me the Remaster's collection for my birthday. I skipped class all the next day and listened to it over and over while lying in the sun (yes, college freshman with
  9. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY TO THE COOLEST CAT ON EARTH!!!!! I couldn't log on last night but had to send well wishes anyway. If LZ or the three guys don't tour with someone else, how about a Jimmy Page solo tour????? I would pay great money to see that! I've always wanted a tape of the songs without the vocals and this would be killer! Even doing non-LZ stuff would be sweet! Just give me anything with Jimmy Page!!!!!!
  10. Been off the board for awhile so I know this is late but, fwiw, a band called The Answer from Ireland opened for the AC/DC concert and not only does the singer have a similar look to a young Plant he has a great voice and all I kept thinking was he would be fun to listen to doing Led Zep songs and is the only singer I've ever heard that sounds even close. I am sure he thinks so as well from his mannerisms and having the same hair as Plant did! Anyway, when I came back from getting a beer during the break, my friend said she overheard several people saying the same thing. I DK if he'd w
  11. Alison Krause? Really? Eww..... In my life I would never put those two together or want to. "Yucky" JMO If he can tour with her, why is he so opposed to a Led Zep final tour? I don't get it. I mean, if the Eagles can do it, five more times now, Led Zep could do it just one more time. Geez - I sounded like Capt. and Tenille didn't I.... As for renaming the band w/o him, I'd say call it 'Minus Narcissist'. [Edit: That was uncalled for I know, but... I am just so frustrated]
  12. mikezeppelin I know this is an old thread but I am looking to purchase either an SG because (love the richer/darker sound like Angus gets and the thinner body) or a Les Paul which has a thicker body that is not as comfortable to me but has a thinner neck for my girly fingers. I know you don't know me; but, as an experienced player which one feels more comfortable playing/practicing for longer periods and does the Les Paul seem to play better zeppelin tunes or are they about the same? What I'd really like is a 62 SG with the thinner 60's neck and classic pickups but I don't think
  13. It was supposed to be a flute in fifth grade but there were none left so it was the clarinet. I hated it and wanted a guitar in eighth grade but my father said, and I quote, "the guitar isn't for girls". This was 1989!!! I guess it was okay to be a dweeby clarinet player but not to play a smokin' guitar. He obviously didn't "get" his daughter. Or, maybe he did and that was the problem! Luckily, I am an adult now and can finally financially consider some lessons and eventually get a decent guitar. Unfortunately, I have fewer years to learn/play. :-/
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