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  1. HA! I love it one and only nice job
  2. That is an awesome pic cactus. Thank you!!
  3. that picture above isn't that guitar though. it was a gift from kieth richards. I saw jimmy play it at Royal Albert Hall. and then it was stolen in either '70 or '72.
  4. I am in love with Jimmy's Gibson Les Paul black beauty and I am hoping that people can give me some pics on it. Anyone got any?
  5. Robert plant was NEVER an accountant. his parents thought he was destined to be an accountant. he went to kidderminster college and got kicked out for performing the lemon song on campus and he joined bands and even worked as a construction worker for a little while.
  6. for some reason i'v always thought that four sticks and the album cover were related album number four and a guy carrying sticks Four Sticks I don't know ............
  7. Yeah. you pronounce it just like you would a green plant than grows.
  8. I started piano at the age of 7 and I loved it . 5 years later I am still playing it. but at the age of 12 I started listening to hard rock and fell in love with led zeppelin. also my sister had gotten her own fender strat along with an acoustic that was both hers and mine when I was ten. so at the age of 12 I took the acoustic (my sister wouldn't allow me to play the electric) and I got a learn to play guitar book and printed out the intro to stairway to heaven and tried to learn guitar. I eventually became an expert at that intro and I would sneak into my sisters room and play her electr
  9. I am surprised no one said January 9th 1970 at Royal albert Hall. Thats where I would go. It was Jimmy's 26th birthday and led zeppelin seemed like they were having so much fun!! Oh I'm only 13 but everyday I wish I were Alive in the 70s
  10. I once had a dream that I walked into a bar and sat right next to young jimmy and robert, without realizing it. and then i ordered a beer and then chugged it and jimmy turned to me and said 'nice choice' and at that point i was freaking out because i was sitting next to jimmy page and I peeled off the label from the beer and had him sign it. and then I woke up and was dissapointed that it was all a dream. This was also really weird because I am way too young to drink
  11. Tangerine68

    Young Jimmy

    just to let anyone know- There is a youtube video-Idon't remember the title-of jimmy page strumming chords with his friends at the age of thirteen on tv. its pretty cool. you could probaby just type in jimmy page 1957 and get it.
  12. I say 1970 all the way. with LZ, LZII, and LZIII out and also the awesome performances, it easily wins.
  13. Boredom is the worst thing in the world -Jimmy Page
  14. I think musicals are too gay. I think it would be insulting to see a Zeppelin musical
  15. I believe that they have always been good friends, but someone once told me that part of the reason that they ended(not just because of Bonzo) was that Page had always wanted Zeppelin to be mainly about the guitar,but Plant wanted it to be about the vocals. I think that the contrast between guitar and vocals is a huge part of what makes them so awesome
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