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  1. Ah at last, something official. Note that RP said he would not be 'touring'. That leaves open the possibility of occasional performances; O2 was not part of a 'tour'. Or am I attributing too much cleverness to his choice of words?
  2. There's nothing on Robert Plant's website. They're doing a benefit for Hurricane Ike victims tonight (26th), but there's no other news dated today (though admittedly, the day is young.) Also... since THIS is the 'official' LZ website, shouldn't there be an announcement here? From what I can trace on the net, the media frenzy is resulting from outlets picking up the story from 'sources', which turn out to be other stories... a rumour can go a long way these days. I'll believe it when I see a press release. An 'official' type one. p.s. I want this to happen too - but I'm hearing th
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