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  1. Diana-loura , it's so beautiful. His hair...his perfect, perfect hair... Wow.
  2. My fag just fell out of my mouth onto the carpet. Ooooh my God. I can't handle it! I think one of my vital organs just exploded. Aaaaah! Thank you thank you thank you. I love it!
  3. I'm the exact same way. I'll try and listen to something else but be singing Zeppelin songs in my head so I switch cds at a stop light. I wouldn't have it any other way! They are the greatest band in history!
  4. Today, instead of going to work/ all my classes, I decided to visit my brother in Cork. I'm going to get a bollocking when I get back, but I don't care because I love Ireland!
  5. Phwoar... he just makes me so happyyy! P.S. Hi everyone, I'm new(ish) here!
  6. I know I've told you before, aen27, but I just love your art. You capture Jimmy in such a fantastic, unique way. I think it's all about the attitude. And I'm crazy about the way you draw his hands! Keep it up!
  7. ^^^ I seriously love your stuff. Sooooo cool. Keep it up, everybody! Your art makes these long work days less nasty
  8. Me toooo, pictures of him doing the theremin are some of my favourites. So sexy.
  9. ^^ Phwoar, that first one is insanely hot!
  10. Yes, yes, please do start selling your work! Any of you, all of you. I'd buy. You're all amazing, truly incredible talents!
  11. I really, really love that green shirt. A lot.
  12. I really love your work, it's so unique and expressive. Everyone here is so talented!
  13. Mmm, those are wonderful, Spacewoman. I am in love with that green shirt of his, I've never seen that particular picture. Nice one!
  14. The teeth kind are also called braces, but it's usually pretty easy to tell which sort you're talking about in the context of conversation. Sometimes people call them 'dental braces'. Besides, I've only known 2 people who've had dental braces (insert your own UK/ bad teeth joke here).
  15. I'm reading a really good book! Also, this thread makes me quite happy.
  16. [/quote JIMMY WITH BRACES????? hahahaha... Don't think so... It was Robert who had bad teeth at the beginning!! Jimmy's teeth have always been perfect: sparkling white and straight. Since he was a teenager...hahahaha
  17. Hahahaha! Hahahahaaa... No, sorry, the things that hold up your trousers that aren't a belt. Suspenders?
  18. Are there any more pictures of him wearing braces? They drive me wild...
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