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  1. I missed their performance too, I must have fell asleep right before they went on. I can't find anything on youtube yet. Oh well, I'm sure someone will post it soon. Congratulations Robert !
  2. I have been waiting for over a year, for the DVD of my dreams, to see Led Zeppelin live in 07. I know everyone is waiting also, but I want to know some details about why it is taking so long. Jimmy has put out some awsome DVDs in the the past so why is this one taking so long. I know that he is a perfectionist but I don't care, I just want to see it already!
  3. This was also a big debate before the 07 concert, and I knew they would call themselves Led Zeppelin and I wanted them to 100%. But now if Robert won't be there,there is no Led Zeppelin.I know that's kind of strong, but that's how I feel.
  4. please correct if I am wrong, but did'nt our beloved Robert do a fundraiser for a neighbor of his who had cancer. If I am correct about that, then you can see that no matter where you live or who you are sometimes we just need some help. If anyone knows about how that turned out please bring me up to date.
  5. ateda You are so right about fighting, and the PBS show did not go into all the details about each case, all I can say about you is that your wife is very lucky to have you to by her side to fight for her life. Everybody has different and complicated situations and nobody should have to die before their time due to their insurance policy's bottom line.
  6. I am sorry to hear that your wife had to go through such an ordeal with her health, and I do hope she has made or is making a full recovery. However I still don't know why you still think that my coments are about expecting the Goverment to take care of things. I am mostly talking about private health care and health care provided through a persons job.
  7. That's pretty cold, I used to be able to get into an real conversation on this site, boy how it has changed.
  8. If I knew how to post a picture of my lovely cat, I would and don't try to explain it to me, it gives me too much stress. But if anyone wants to talk about their cats and the things they do, I would love to hear about it.
  9. Well I guess I am dealing with a bunch of people who this subject has not effected their lives yet, and God willing it won't. If anyone would like to discuss the healthcare system in the U.S., not how the ocean can cure everything, than please do.
  10. Why don't you email that to someone who is waiting untill they turn 65 so they can get their last cancer treatment.
  11. I don't know how you got that out of what I said. If you saw the show, you would know it is not a matter of people just waiting around their whole life doing nothing and then when they get sick with a major illness such as cancer, or as in the case of of one man, who lost his leg due to diabetis, expect the goverment to help them. For most people this is not the case. This man worked his whole life,and had to stop becouse he could not stand anymore, so he had to be out of work and his health care was running out becouse they took so long to get him a permanent prosthetic leg. All he wanted to do was get it so he could return to work. This was just one of the stories in the program. So you see it is not as simple as you put it. People who have worked hard and paid into insurance their whole lives are dying through no fault of their own
  12. Thanks, that gave me some insight on your country's system. If anyone else would like to tell me about their healthcare system, please do I am very interested.
  13. Thanks for posting that, just listened to Ten Years Gone, one of my favourite Zep songs, and they did a great job!
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