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  1. If I knew how to post a picture of my lovely cat, I would and don't try to explain it to me, it gives me too much stress. But if anyone wants to talk about their cats and the things they do, I would love to hear about it.
  2. Funny this should come up, I just saw a rerun of The George Lopez show where George thought Cheech was his father. Pretty funny episode, he plays a gay man that never had a family of his own, and lied to George and told him he was his dad just so he could have a family. Well, you know sitcoms it all turns out allright, but it was a nice surprise to see Cheech again! And of course there is always reruns of That Seventies Show for a good helping of Chong.
  3. What can I say? simply beautiful. I have never called a man beautiful before, but I don't think there is any other way to describe Robert!
  4. It is truley awsome, when I watch that dvd I just get lost in that song, It's like their singing just takes me away some where. I must have watched it too much becouse it does'nt work anymore, I have to find another one somewhere and soon!
  5. Hey eternal light, thanks for the link to The Battle Of Evermore, I wanted to see Robert and Alison's version of it. But I have to say, I do enjoy the Unledded No Quarter version better. The one with Najma Akhtar, it is so beautiful. And the smile Robert gives her, as he introduces her, really says it all.
  6. Is this the one where he is singing GOING TO CALIFORNIA, on the 2 dvd set? My favorite alltime pic of Robert is when he finishes the song and looks right in the camera, and gives the sweetest smile ever!
  7. That's pretty cool guitar playing, Ryan. I played guitar when I was real young, wish I could of continued, oh well maybe some day. I have 5 kids as well. I am much older than you, but by the time I was 27 I had my 5 children. Just wanted to welcome you here! And congradulations on being an Air Force Sergeant, and thanks for all the hard work you do in serving your country.
  8. What made me happy today, was logging on to this website this morning! I know that sounds corny, but it is true!
  9. Knowing that my family is healthy, and that they love me. This might sound silly to some of you, but my sweet cat, also makes me very happy every day.
  10. I just want to tell everyone out there, to look this show up on their local PBS station and try to see it, it will be worth your while. I just love a good documentary, and this is a great one!
  11. Those are really nice pictures, thanks. After watching the whole series, I have a real understanding of what the lives are like for the men and women who serve our country, and also what it is like for the loved ones they must leave behind for so long. You said your husband was on this cruise, was he interviewed on this show? Since you have not seen the whole thing yet, I wont go into it too much. But I will say, the men and woman were very honest about how they feel about the war, and what goes on in their personel lives, and I respect that. The show is disturbing at times, as well as happy and sad. I found myself getting very emotional as I was drawn into these peoples lives. What ever people think about the war, I feel we should be thankful for the hard work,that all the men and woman, in all the different phases of the military do. And no, I do not know of anyone serving, that is just how I feel.
  12. I think it's a lovely picture.
  13. I was looking at the Beautiful Men thread the other day. Granted I only saw a few pages of it, but I did'nt see one picture of Robert. If it was up to me, the first and last post, the one and only post, would have been a picture of Robert. And that would have been the end of that thread, nuff said.
  14. These pictures are awsome, especially the one with the lion. Thanks for posting them everyone. This man could'nt take a bad picture if he tried. It does'nt matter if he is 20 or 59, he is simply beautiful!
  15. Has anyone seen the PBS documentary, CARRIER? Sorry if the spelling is wrong. This is so addictive, I really loved it. It has a few parts to it, but last weekend PBS made a marathon of it, and I was glued to the tv. If anyone was able to catch it , let me know what you thought.
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