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  1. Hahaha. A guy where I work says I look like Meatloaf. I don't buy it. Just because I'm fat and have long hair doesn't make me Meatloaf. My students say I look like some guy that was on American Idol, I don't know who...I don't really watch the show.
  2. Aw. I read your "personal statement." How sweet!

  3. What's going on, sweet baby?

  4. I just may do that. She's a member of this board, but she hasn't posted yet.
  5. I need to put pics of my gf on this thread. She'd blow all those other women out of the water...
  6. Poor Geddy Lee. I'm a huge Rush fan, but I do agree that his voice can get annoying at times. It fits the music though...
  7. I'm a huge metal-head. I love pretty much all genres of metal: Power, Thrash, Speed, Death, Black, Grind, etc. Some of my favorites: Thrash: Metallica Megadeth Trivium Slayer Mercyful Fate/King Diamond Death: Nile Cannibal Corpse Morbid Angel Hate Eternal Cattle Decapitation Black: Sargeist Darkthrone Emperor Venom
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