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  1. I used to have a white t-shirt with the above picture on the front ,minus the 3 .I had that T-shirt for 25-30 years, only wore it on special occasions and people always asked about it .Wore it mainly when Led Zeppelin related times were quiet .Just my way of trying to "keep the flag flying" .so to speak.
  2. Did he ask the firemen if they knew of a good chimney sweeper?
  3. when you watch TSRTS ;it makes you wonder why they even put the Peter Grant arguing /swearing at people scenes in the movie .Sure you can understand that they wanted to show the behind the scenes of a concert. but i believe it ruined the musical flow of the movie.It did show the need for the heavy handed tactics of peter grant as to "protecting"the Name of the group.but like i say ;It interrupted the flow of the movie. Therefore the music was all i wanted to see and hear. and was gutted when a song started then it switched to "In house fighting" .
  4. what part of New Zealand are you from

  5. That sounds like "fool in the rain" .Robert plant did the first live (on stage)version with pearl jam at a concert for the new Orleans flood victims.
  6. He(Robert)also played guitar in the last songs for the "concert for Kampuchea " Rockestra: Lucille Let It Be, in 1979 ;bonzo was awesome with his really heavy beat ,john paul jones was playing bass and someone handed Robert plant a guitar ;which he didn't look to comfortable with. as Paul McCartney did the singing
  7. sure; but Robert must feel like he wants a bit more of the stage sharing especially when /if its a long song between vocal bits ...
  8. Robert has shown in the last few years, that not only does he sing; but can play guitar as well. ..should jimmy page share some guitar work with Robert if they tour ?
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