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  1. Now your talking .... that's a far better song for Robert to be singing on his solo career .then rearranging led zeppelin songs .awesome work ;glad to see your coming to your senses now.I knew you didn't really like the led zeppelin songs given the hill billy treatment.
  2. That's what ledded1 and nine lives think is cool :They think its cool that Robert rejects playing old led zeppelin songs the way they are played by Jimmy or john Paul Jones when they do them on solo gigs .Like,jimmy and john Paul try to play them to original styles that they've always played them .Robert on the other hand likes to rearrange /butcher/rehash etc to make them sound sluggish hill billy style tunes.Robert has laid down the gauntlet now and said "thanks but no thanks" to jimmy and j.p.j. but wished them the best in any future projects.So ledded1 and nine lives would be really,really happy about Robert coming out of the wood work within 2 years with (wait for it) led zeppelin songs rearranged /rehashed ,part 4; just to fill the new gig set list because the "new album"(recording etc)has only 10 new songs. so (hey) Robert to fill the set list do some of your solo work. Robert has got a massive back catalog from which to choose .
  3. Its good to see ;Myles Kennedy likes the blues songs as well as the "rocky" stuff.If he is the new singer for the 3'js' ?This is a direction that I'd like to see jimmy and the band take.More blues and acoustic songs plus like you say; lots of rocking riff based songs as well .Myles Kennedy (if you look at Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)a former guitar instructor; is maybe something jimmy and john Paul Jones don't need at the moment as i believe this could be a potential for disharmony amongst the band before it even takes off.Can Myles play harmonica or any other instruments? It just would be good to hear and see jimmy on top again and not having to share too much guitar work with someone that in a nutshell really only needs to be the voice of the band.
  4. I think Jack could be a good choice .I do wonder if he would struggle if he was singing led zeppelin songs that really need those high(g's) to pull them off.Also what will jacks side kick drummer do if jack jumps ship."Meg" is ok but her style of drumming is just not quite the style the 3-4j's would need
  5. QUOTE (ledded1 @ Sep 28 2008, 04:21 AM) * I went to Kidderminster town hall for a Charity show in aid of spinal research which had an interestingline up including kevin Gammond of Band of Joy and Priory of Brion and Deborah Bonham ( Bonzo's sister) ~snip~ Sadly I didn't take my camera sad.gif Anyway it was a damn fine evening, I heard Jason sing a duet with Deborah, we got Rock n Roll and saw Pat and Maureen. All for £14 cool.gif cool.gif Hi ,could you confirm something?In an earlier post about Robert plant on a Bout blocking the sunset there were pictures of people on the Bout. This was about the time of Roberts 60th birthday. Was any of the people on the bout Maureen?Did Maureen look like ( at the kidderminster town hall show) Any of the lady's present on the bout that we have seen pictures off. cheers
  6. Your right about the battle of evermore; Deborah certainly did a good sandy Denny version of the song.Just a shame it wasn't actual film footage of them both singing.
  7. yep; that's another great post.cheers.
  8. Finally someone has put the record straight .Thank you... what you have said is the most accurate statement that I've read here for a-long---long time. Those songs that he performs which were Led zeppelin songs should be now a thing of the past, as he's made it quite clear the led zeppelin days are behind him .from now on if he puts on a gig; it should stand on his own material.All the best Robert with your next new project and thanks for moving on from the past.
  9. Thank you for this official statement from Robert Plant.I've checked TIGHT BUT LOOSE and they've almost got the same statement ;word for word.In a way; it's amazing that Led Zeppelin even did the 02 concert ,simply because Ahmet Ertegun Asked Robert when he was alive to do a follow up album/recording of the Honey Drippers. (volume 2 ) Robert really didn't wont to go that road again .(when Ahmet Ertegun was alive)Which made the Led zeppelin (02) concert such a special occasion.I really wonder if that was such a good idea of Robert to let the cat out of the bag,so to speak .Led zeppelin as a band should have known when this concert was announced that demand for tickets would be very huge, maybe the decision that this should be announced as the one and only concert "EVER" should have been made very clear way back before they played that gig.Which leads to the question why did they start this official led zeppelin web site ????and where to from now for this web site ;If (Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones and Jason Bonham) the remaining band members decide to record/tour as a new band the surly that band would have a new name and web site as well.Any way thanks for the final ;honest truthful statement.
  10. You don't need to take it personally !.Unless YOU claim to Have personal conversations with members of the band and then get on here and start story's that ;at the end of the day make you FEEL that you know what your talking about but are only doing it cause you've got no other things in your life but spreading senseless rumor's.Judgemental if that's what it takes to have truthful DISCUSSION then bring it on baby.
  11. This is the Official site for Led Zeppelin News Right?All there ever is; is rumor's or 1/2 a dozen people who claim to know the band members or people with close connections with the band or individual members. These people seem to be on here for Hours on end posting (god knows what)topic's of led zeppelin latest news "snippets" while living a normal life beyond led zeppelin while socializing with "the band etc"It's high time the Led Zeppelin Web site Administration took control of this site, and stopped some of this posting non factual post's and only allow the true stories of actual truth to filter through in the post's etc." No one" in There Right mind; wants to read through 20-24 pages of threads just to see a whole lot of dribble which is unreliable gossip.
  12. I used to have a white t-shirt with the above picture on the front ,minus the 3 .I had that T-shirt for 25-30 years, only wore it on special occasions and people always asked about it .Wore it mainly when Led Zeppelin related times were quiet .Just my way of trying to "keep the flag flying" .so to speak.
  13. There's been a lot of talk about Robert been given an " altomatatum';by the 3x j's "join us as led zeppelin or we get a new singer. Now as i see it ;If they do get a new singer/vocalist to join the 3x j's .It will not and can not be called Led zeppelin .That's fine as long as jimmy and john paul jones and Jason are playing and having fun playing together Awesome.But what if the new band (what ever they call it) for some reason want to play led zeppelin songs; then they surly become a cover band.If this band is only formed until Robert can make up his mind, if he wants in Then surly if Robert joins then it would become Led zeppelin .If they as led zeppelin want to play songs from the (what ever they call it)band that the 3xj's were in then once again they'd be a cover band.At the end of the day it seems like a whole Lotta hassle if the new singer; who got dumped cos Robert wanted his old band back ,would be crying foul.
  14. Why not "SONS OF THUNDER". A" Robert quote" but .
  15. There's a rumor that they've got someone from America;to do the vocal/singing side of the business .Why cant they keep it "British" ,surely they have got someone in England,Scotland or wales that could sing to there style and continue with the Celtic,Gaelic,viking theme etc folk songs/ mystical themes etc. To be sure to be sure.
  16. People may be against Dave Grohl as a Led Zeppelin (new name ,what ever)front man/singer etc. I. M.O he has a mighty group already called the Foo Fighters ;and that's where he belongs.The world needs his style/ type of music as much as we as fans of Led Zeppelin need at least something from jimmy page ,John paul Jones and Robert plant.I believe if the front man /singer they choose is there to sing than let him sing he can even tap a tambourine or play a harmonica ;but that's were it has to stop.... .Jimmy, Jonesie; jason are talented musicians and are capable off doing there" own solo's" without someone else reaching for the nearest Guitar or drum sticks (trying to give them a hand). As long as that new singer just wants to sing ,that's fine by Me.
  17. Yeah ,Like jimmy and john paul played at wembley with the Foo's. Did Jimmy ask to play with them.Pull ya head in, if course dave Grohl would want to take control.Jimmy just wants to play and be seen again.
  18. Exactly,Now picture this;Do Jimmy ,JPJ and Jason need 2 guitarist?---(NO)--- Do they need 2 Drummers?----(NO)----Sorry, Dave Grohl ,you're outta here..... You just gotta think about what Dave Grohl could try to do to something as important as this" if" HE got involved.He'd simply want to take control of this and ruin any"musical chemistry" that jimmy and john paul jones and Jason (after all these years)have been waiting so long to finally put together. If this thread is true. It is titled New singer for Jimmy, JPJ, and Jason. Then, lets hope there choice is with great care and reflects the person that they really do want to be the front man for the music that they create.
  19. Dave Grohl /growl/grovel ; whomever/whatever you wish to call him, his style of singing would do wonders for Led zeppelin songs.
  20. Although this Collaboration with Alison has in a way "taken the heat"off Robert as far as Led Zeppelin reunions etc go .How long do you think Alison ,will want to continue Harmonizing /Duets with Robert ;when she has already got a well established career and fans who maybe wanting Her to get back to her "roots" so to speak.As far as Robert doing /singing " softer acoustic treatments" I still really enjoy songs like "All the Kings horses""song to the siren" etc.I hope we can hear more of that type of singing/songs from Robert in the future.I hope He'd consider his next Solo album (if he wants no part in L.Z)to be solely an softer acoustic Album.
  21. When Recording of raising sand started ,Robert was traveling between England and America .Where T-bone Burnett was coming up with songs to take them out of there "comfort zones".Hence the expensive air fares.:
  22. Yeah ,A lot of thought would have to go into Lyric's etc in the song writing dept .I really couldn"t see the fans of jimmy and john paul jones being happy about hearing POP SONGS on the radio .Jimmy wasn't too happy about doing "sea of love" with Robert .so I think the Songs Need that special touch to the Lyrics ,for it to work with the way jimmy and jonesy like to play.
  23. I agree with the Wilson sisters as a choice of singers .:::::"But in the beginning":::::it was Robert who suggested to to jimmy about a drummer called John Bonham and well; so the story goes that was the start of led zeppelin .As for maybe a new singer ? ;the tide may have changed and now Jason Bonham maybe making suggestions as to who can sing .Jason could be in a position to have seen many a talented singer that other people may just simply over looked .Jason being well less in the lime light (so to speak)than other well known band members, has probably been able to see other bands, that for what ever reasons could never make it; but the vocalist could have caught his eye/ear.Anyway ; .Just another avenue of thinking
  24. At the time of the 02 concert Robert ;would have been signing paper work not only for the 02 but Rounder records,who would have been apprehensive about letting Robert do the gig with Led Zeppelin because of what would be at stake if the 02 had failed .If for some reason the 02 gig was a flop then that could have (imop)been devastating for the New Release of raising Sand as raising sand would need promoting and the mighty $$$ was a major issue for rounder records.I read somewhere that Roberts Air fares etc cost Rounder $40.000 .A huge gamble for Rounder records to take this project on.I'd say they are over the moon now and the gamble payed off. All the way to the bank.
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