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  1. u may want to cleanup ur inbox a bit

  2. not anymore :-)

  3. ur inbox is full!

  4. You Shook Me I can't quit you Since I've been loving you
  5. I have never visited a on-line dating service but met some great people (man!) through Internet already... It does not matter HOW or WHERE you meet someone... though I would not look for someone on such a on-line dating service. There are enough other possibilities to meet someone!!!
  6. Yvonne


    Hello Hound, come to Italy, we have fantastic cheese...
  7. Yvonne


    I love them too - 4ever!
  8. No, he could never replace Robert, though I like Chris very much too.
  9. Yvonne

    Roberts Jeans

    WOW!!!! And YES, he still has it...........
  10. THANKS to everybody for the nice welcome here!
  11. WHOLE LOTTA LOVE and I loved all the others I heard after this song!
  12. Hello to everybody, I am a woman from North-Italy and 35 years old. I love Led Zeppelin very much and would like to get in contact with some other people from here. Of course nice men are welcome too
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