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  1. If I pick just one I will say that disco is better...Bee gees!! everybody likes some songs that make them embarassed. Oh no, now everybody knows.
  2. What is it meaning when Robert says 'drums John Bonham, 130 pounds of glory!'
  3. wow Britney Spears is wierd ? Her music is really bad but I dont think it is wierd.
  4. Sorry for my english tripping means taking the drugs ? well I don't take drugs but if I have to make choice i will say I rather take mushrooms What is the worse to meet Robert Plant and to call him mr. Led Zeppelin or to meet Jimmy Paige and to call him mr. Robert Plant ?
  5. To win a lots of money and retire B)even if i am only 15
  6. To fly will be the most amazing thing for me. what is the worse to die tomorrow or to live for ever?
  7. I like them in 1969 pictures the best and the Danish t.v special is great.
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LbvP7dT3Dx0
  9. hello, my name is Linds but the full name is Lindsay. Its nice name right? I always thought it was girl name and I'm not a girl so I like Linds better.
  10. I really hate tom jones (my mother always plays it and drive me crazy)
  11. oh wow both are bad but I think it will be worse for me to see my parents 'going at it' (my english is not so good but I guess it means sex right?) I think if it happens I will actualy vomit What is the worse to die in a fire or to freeze to death ?
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