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  1. I'll have to go simple and say my Song Remains the Same DVD. I don't think I've ever watched a DVD as many times as I've watched that one. I know every note, lyric, ques in lighting, facial expressions, oh my... I gotta go put it on real quick.
  2. People have always said I remind them of Plant or Page
  3. Bloody Gettyimages and their watermarks
  4. Here's a few I'd never seen before, and wanted to share
  5. http://www.ledzeppelin.com/sites/ledzeppel...hip_usa1973.jpg http://www.ledzeppelin.com/sites/ledzeppel...ydney72_jpj.jpg
  6. Ah, like many, mine was Stairway To Heaven. I loved the way it provokes you to loose yourself in a tranquil field, and then it rocks you into a vortex of heavy rock back to reality, only to begin longing to hear the journey again. With Jimmy's legendary guitar playing, Robert's shrill but unmatched voice, Bonzo's thunderous drums, and Jonesy's rythmic bass all brought it together at the end when it completely sweeps you off your feet. It's as if, you had no idea what has happened. Once I heard it for the first time, I had no idea what the name of the song was. I also felt as though it was so great, I didn't expect how epic the feel of it was, so I just needed to hear it again, expecting it all. And boy, that first time was just a journey.
  7. I always used to wonder how back in the day he'd hit those really high notes. But now that i've seen a few pages from this topic I finally get percy's strategy! LOL . Great pics btw.
  8. That's bogus man. I feel the same way as many others, I don't think they should replace Plant. But if they decide to at least don't mention any Zeppelin at all within the tour. I'd feel much differently towards them for it. You can replace any instrument and it can make the same sound, but once you change the singer, it gives the band a different feel. I remember Plant giving a good reason why he wouldn't. I really don't understand why they don't go for one last tour, but I understood why when he said, "It was so right, but then so wrong. How do you make it right again?". I think if they were to do a tour Plant would want to feel as though he's playing with the guys again, but he knows he can't go crazy like he did in the old days. He doesn't want to end it on a bad note, he'd rather keep Zeppelin the way they were remembered. Once Bonham died, I'm glad they didn't plan any tours. Plant even said then, "To replace him, was just, secondary." He felt it to be trashy to replace someone. I think it would be trashy if they replaced Plant because they're really ready to do a tour and will do one without him. If they really want to make it right, at least have the Golden God singing and not an "American Guy". I would be pissed if an American Guy was singing my songs and taking the credit. I understand if they want to record in the studio and everything, I mean, they are musicians - it's what they do. But they should really think about what they do before touring. They don't want to end on the note - "The very last Led Zeppelin tour didn't have Robert Plant as the frontman, and they were thinking of releasing new material". It just wouldn't feel right. I think they should completely rethink what they're doing before they just completely replace him. That's like replacing any of the other members, it just doesn't feel like Zeppelin. Just because someone can sing good doesn't mean they give the prescence and magic the original member had. That's like saying, "We found an amazing guitar player who can play just like Page could, so we're going to replace him". It's not the same as seeing Pagey run across the stage and jam on that guitar like it should be.
  9. Was watching SRTS earlier today and had to pause it for a quick moment. And what a moment it was -
  10. Isn't Zeppelin known for not letting these games use their songs? I thought they did something to do with licensing.
  11. Ah, once I had a dream of actually sitting down and having a talk with him. Needless to say, it was wonderful. I managed to get a few good pics of Percy I absolutely LOVE this one -
  12. I want my hair just like Roberts now . I use to as well not like my curls so much, but when I discovered this golden-god, I wanted nothing more than curls . Only thing is my hair is really thick, not sure how Percy has his :\
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