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  1. the best i can do for the moment...
  2. old enough to have attended 3 shows in 1973!
  3. Palais Des Sports, Paris: 2 April 1973; Kezar Stadium, SF: 2 June 1973; Oakland 23 & 24 July 1977...
  4. tess

    Criticising God!

    Hi all-- I'm new to this new site--but I don't see where another "last tour" will make THAT much of a dfference. Frankly, I'm a little tired of aged rock stars pulling it together for one last buck (the horse-kind). I saw them in Keezar and Oakland--backstage for the last--both a blast--in very different ways, of course... I like that Plant has gone on to other pastures to sample the grazing--why the hell not? That said, I doubt very much I could resist a ticket (as I did with the Stones' "Final Final Final tour") if they came my way again. tess
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