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  1. Please call me by my full name: IcantquityoubabeLedZeppIVOverthehillsandfarawayAbsolutentonic. thank you!!!!!!
  2. Well I remember standing outside of the church with my nun teacher, I was 10 years old and praying for him to survive. Of course he didnt, sadly. I still thought it was San Fran, but since we are on the topic, CNN a couople of weeks ago said Siron Siron could not have fired the fatal shots as he wasnt ever in back of RFK. This means the real killer was never caught. They insinuated that they knew who he was but it sounds likd he is no longer alive. do you have an opinion on this?
  3. I stand corrected. I believe you are correct as his final words were somthing like "onto San Francisco". I wanted him to win and he would have won.
  4. Ah you didnt resond to any of what I said. Im not surprized.
  5. Yes Hermit, actually Im quite shocked it hasnt happned yet. Ill be going off the rails on the crazy train before I ride the O train. And if Im fried, in those famous words of Arnold Swarzenegger, "Ill Be Bock!!!"
  6. Well this does belong in the horse racing thread that yours truly created. But do you remember that tragic Breeders Cup day long ago when a philly named Go for Wand broke down? they named a grade 1 stakes race after this horse. I dont think this horse was out of Northern Dancer. Many have come from Norther Dancer. Breeding certainly has something to do with it but I wouldnt put that much stock in your theory based on the rarity of occurance. As for Hillary, it isnt over til its over in this type of scenario. The Dems are split. And lets face one very important fact: Hillary has won the BIG STA
  7. Ah. Nice to see more Nobama fans out there. Way to go Rock Action!
  8. Perhaps he is the anti-Christ mentioned by Nostradomus? I just made another donation to Hillary. How much can I put you down for Hermit??
  9. Maybe he is the anti Christ mentioned by Nostradomus? I just made ANOTHER donation to Hillary. Hermit, how much can I put you down for? haha
  10. What is wrong dud? And what about Drunk. Hate to see anyone facing death. Have seen to many of my friends die young.
  11. Perhaps he is the anti-Christ that Nostrdomus saw coming? I just made another donation to Hillary. Money well spent. How much can I put you down for Hermit. hahahaha
  12. The "bridge jumpers" will be out in force. Ecpect to get $2.10 return on every two dollars you wager on Big Brown. Not worth the risk of hammering him. You wont make shit and you run the risk of getting burned big time if there is an accident. I hope nothing goes wrong. If all is ok, he wins this race for fun.
  13. Ill vote for Yo Mamma before I vote for Obama.
  14. CNN is reporting she has won Indiana. Why the hell should she give up now? this thing is closer than all of you are willing to admit. He CANNOT get the magic number of delegates either. Dont you get this? It will be up to the Supers. If they think she has a better chance of beating MCain than they could still chose her. There are more states left. Their voice should be heard. You are all jumping up and down like little high school cheerleaders for a guy that you should be quite leary about considering his 20 yr ties to this damn Rev Wright. Wake up and smell the coffee. There is much suspici
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