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  1. I've heard about them, and heard some songs, but never seen them live (not always nice to be young ). I have tried to get one or two of their albums, but with no success. I have heard theiy was a pretty good live band in their time. But the band broke up, and later Alex Kloster Jensen, the guitarist of the band, went on to form My Midnight Creeps together with the guitarist of Madrugada, Robert Burås (check My Midnight Creeps out, it's a real good band). Now Alex Kloster Jensen is playing together with Madrugada, instead of Robert (Cato Thomassen is also with him), but after christmas Madrugada is breaking up. They got some few gig's in Norway, before Christmas. And I got a ticket to one of their last show's! I will give you another tip, check out Madrugada .
  2. Thank you :P. On Topic: Yes, The Hellacopters are an extremly good band, and the musicans are not to bad either. It's a shame that I never have seen them live (not always nice to be young). If I'm not going to count The Hellacopters in, I know of another three extremly good bands that I have to recomend. My Morning Jacket "An American Rock band best known of their heavy-reverb sound, their electic mix of country rock, indie rock, funk, psychedelic, and southern rock styles, and enthusiastic and energetic live shows." My Morning Jacket - The Wat That He Sings My Morning Jacket - One Big Holiday My Morning Jacket - Mahgeeta The Grand A Norwegian blues/rock/psychedelic rock band. The band are inspired of bands like The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Cream, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin (mainly from the 60/70's), but also new bands like Queens of the Stone Age, Wolfmother and The White Stripes. The band have recorded one album; The Grand - The Grand (try to listen to this Swede, i may think you like it). The Grand - Downhill www.thegrand.no Madrugada Another Norwegian rock band. It's kinda hard to explain their sound, but you can say that they are inspired of bands like The Doors and Pearl Jam (but again I'm not sure, so don't shoot me if I'm wrong). Their guitarist, Robert Burås, died last summer, and they are now planing to break up after Christmas (they have toured with two other guitarist's instead of Robert this year; Alex Kloster Jensen and Cato Thomassen). I also have to say that Sivert Høyem (the vocalist), got an extremly good voice, that few people can compare their self to. Madrugada - Majesty (LISTEN TO THIS!) - Madrugada - The kids are high on the street Madrugada - Black Mambo Another band's worth checking out: The Soulshake Express (a swedish rock band. Inspired of groups like The Black Keys, The Hellacopters...) The Black Keys My Midnight Creeps (Robert Burås played in this group to) Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Sorry for my bad english
  3. Madrugada at Folken (Stavanger) 11. november. Anyone on this forum heard about Madrugada?
  4. Jimi Hendrix is after my opinion the greatest guitarist to have lived on this earth. No one have inspired so many guitarplayers to this day. I think that almost every guitarist are inspired by Hendrix, either direct or indirect (at least almost every rock guitarist and blues guitarist). IMO I think that "Are you experienced?" is maybe the greatest debut-album of all time.
  5. I don't know if I have posted any post's in this thread before, but IMO I think together with Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath, Deep Purple was one of the greatest bands of the 70's (especially MKII). Made in Japan and Machine Head are two of my favourite albums.
  6. Bought three vinyl's for some days ago: Cream - Fresh Cream Free - Fire and Water Free - Free Live
  7. The Allman Brothers Band - In Memory of Elizabeth Reed
  8. That's the way and Since I've been loving you.
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