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  1. Has anybody been there yet? http://travel.msn.com//Guides/MSNTravelSli...cumentid=501581
  2. I would say Stairway and Rock and Roll on drums.
  3. Whaat Iif piiigs coould flly maaan...
  4. Of course he didn't make it up. It says that all the mystical stuff he was into he had each member of Zeppelin pick out a symbol out of a book. You guys probably know but he did own a whole book store on the stuff.
  5. Darlene maaan!! I fly right out of bed. (Speaker is right next to my ear also.)
  6. Amazing album! Immigrant Song Maaaaaaan!!!!
  7. Yea everything really. But something that does jump out always is rock and roll. Freakin fast maaaaaaan!
  8. Not like coincidence strange but kind of dealing with an adult who thinks he knows everything way. So I was in Colorado with my dad and we were staying at my dads friend from high school's house. So we were eating at a bar and talking to people my dad's friend knew and Immigrant song starts playing. The guys all knew I like Zeppelin so one of the guys that we were talking to asked me what album it was on and I of course said 3. He then replied "NOPE! It's on Physical Graffiti!" I replied no it isn't it's the 1st song on the 3rd album. He kept giving me this crap that it wasn't and that he w
  9. As I read the replies to this post, I have come to one conclusion that is the mother answer to this question: Every single note Percy has sang, every single note that Pagey has plucked, every single note that Jonesy has played on any instrument he plays, and lastly the greatest drummer who ever lived; who has changed the way that all drummers play. In conclusion everything about Zeppelin is what makes me want to wake up to them with the blaring of my radio clock, listen to their music 24/7, wearing Led Zeppelin shirts, playing their songs in my band, showing others their amazing music.
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