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  1. i don't think that jack is a good joice i think that paul rodgers would be better but he is on tour with brian may and roger tayler :angry:
  2. it's not very good but the right led zep shoud be in all minds good . . . . .
  3. i don't believe that . . . . . . the sun is shit
  4. NO ROBERT PLANT???http://forums.ledzeppelin.com//style_emoticons/default/blink.gif if led zep realy return they will need robert becuse everybody thinks at robert when you here led zep so ROBERT RULES
  5. whats your opinion to the "backmasking message" in stairway to heaven i think it's faked but i'm interrested what other people are thinking
  6. does anybody now some news from led zep and a tour or so??? i wish that they tour again with bonzo's son on drums he was really good at the o2
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