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  1. I'm curious how this compares to that first live CD they released shortly after Kurt killed himself. Live from the Muddy Banks of the something-another. Anyone listened to both of them?
  2. In terms of being an asshole it'd have to be Buddy. In terms of drinking it'd probably be kind of even. For drumming? It's apples to oranges, both laid waste in their fields.
  3. This is what happens to bad little boys.
  4. As a Music Educator I can see both sides. On one hand there is a benefit to exposing music to some that would never hear it. I'm certain none of my middle school students would ever listen to the Dead Kennedy's except for Guitar Hero. On the other hand some people take the game a bit to the extreme. When you're bragging about how you played Through The Fire and Flames on Expert with 95% rating I'm not impressed, rather I'm saddened. I'm sad that the person would find this to be something to be proud of. If it can be taken as a way to be exposed to new music and maybe develop an apprec
  5. I'd like to get excited for this but I know that if it did happen I'd probably have to sell everything and my wife's kidneys to get a ticket.
  6. Sorry, my bad. Most women aren't ready for my skills.
  7. It'd be great to re-mix this with a tirade from Bobby Knight or Buddy Rich.
  8. Well since my team once again didn't make it into the Super Bowl I just drank until it seemed as if one of the teams appeared to be the Seahawks.
  9. I always thought Tinnitus would make a great band name.
  10. I have John Paul Jones in my basement. Does that count as "merchandise"?
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