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  1. I had a dream this morning that I was hanging with Jimmy and he played a new song for me that was unbelievable. I woke up and thought it's the 9th, it's Jimmy's Birthday! I had no prior thought that Jimmy's B-Day was on the horizon. Anyway, Happy Birthday Mr Page and thanks again for all the smiles.
  2. I think their 4th album was their most important. It came after a lot of critics accused them of going soft on LZ 3. There was no album or band name on the record and many people in the industry thought it to be commercial suicide, however the music spoke for itself and it turned out to be one of the greatest albums of all time. I think this album really sent Zep into the stratosphere, where they remained all by themselves for the rest of the 70's.
  3. We almost got a reunion in 1990. I think this would have been a great time for not only a reunion but an album as well. Outrider and Manic Nirvana were complete and Jimmy and Robert were both at a good point in time, creatively speaking. Robert's next album was Fate of Nations and Jimmy's was Coverdale/Page. Combine these two albums and add JPJ and Jason into the mix and I truly believe they could of pulled off a masterpiece. At least lived up to all the expectations that would have been placed on their shoulders. Who knows?
  4. I'm pretty sure it would have sounded like Wearing And Tearing, Darlene and Ozone Baby. All three tracks were recorded for ITTOD and left off the album. I know that Jimmy and Bonzo wanted to rock the next album.
  5. I would love to see this happen. Now call John Paul Jones and Dave Grohl.
  6. Honorable mention to Dazed And Confused, Since I've Been Loving You, Out On The Tiles, The Battle Of Ever More and In The Light. Of course I love em all but I think this is the first time I ever listed or even thought about my favorite Zep songs other than me stating to family and friends that Achilles is my favorite.
  7. Achilles Last Stand is probably my all time favorite. The Song Remains The Same, The Rain Song, For Your LIfe, The Wanton Song, The Rover, The Lemon Song, Tea For One, Custard Pie, and Sick Again, in no particular order.
  8. I think the follow up to ITTOD would have been a fantastic bit of rock-n-roll. Pagey and Bonzo had said that they wanted to go back to something more rocking and Robert and Jonesy were stepping up a bit with there creative influences, so the outcome would have been spectacular. We can look at Ozone Baby, Wearing and Tearing and even Darlene for a small sample, Obviously, but who knows if those tracks would have even made it onto the new album.
  9. I have always thought that Rush would be a great Super Bowl halftime show. They have enough mainstream music to make everyone happy and still rock out. I imagine the set would be something like Tom Sawyer, Spirit Of The Radio, Freewill and Closer To The Heart.
  10. I think when most people refer to Dazed And Confused live version, they are speaking of the 73/75 version which could last thirty plus minutes.
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