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  1. I appreciate the honest review of the concert movie. With the wife and kid out of the house, I played the show at full volume on the big TV with surround sound. It was better than I could have imagined. Sometimes I would start comparing to 1970, 1973 or 1975 live concerts and think that it was obviously different, but most of the time I thought it was one of their greatest efforts. How shall I put it? I guess we all have to put this show in proper context. Led Zep band, 60+ years old, playing a concert that still sounded better than any band in existance today. In that context, it is far greater than I could ever imagine. I was so happy to see they could play the number of songs they did, with the most intense energy, and giving it their best. My god, I'm in my early 40's and could not comprehend how those guys played like they did that night. And I have to say Jason's drumming was a highlight of the show for me. He nailed it, on every song. The energy, determination to succeed, imperfections, updated tunings, Mr Plant embracing Led Zep music again, and seeing them on the same stage giving it their all makes it one of my favorite concerts that I will watch more than their previous shows because it is what they are today (actually 5 years ago). I can't wait to see Mr Page next year live (if that happens). I don't need to see him in his dragon outfit, I just want to see what he does as a 68 old guitar God.
  2. Man, I'm getting bored with Jimmypage.com. How exciting it was last summer, the promise of new music. Now I get to read what they did on every random day in the 60's, 70's, 80,'s and 00's. Hate to say this, but it's become a big letdown. I wonder how many people actually care? If Jimmy Page wants to highlight what he is doing today, or what he will do in the coming months, I think his website strategy is a big step backwards. Come home from work, take care of the kids, fix dinner, and read about what Zep did in 1974? It holds the attention of the Zeppelin fanatics maybe, but please....it's time for Jimmy to release new music, or at least talk about his ideas for the near future, or dare I say this, the shutdown the website. No thanks to soundtrack music from 1982. Give us a clip of Jimmy playing a new riff, and I would be excited. Anything would be good at this point, 4+ years after the London show that hinted at the possibility of something new. Time to move forward.
  3. very good thread topics-invigorating. keep up the good work!

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