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  1. I tend to agree. He looks great, healthy, etc, but what do I know? Maybe he's got reasons why he can't tour. And we can't ignore his age. He may want to put on a tour, but at close to 70 years old, what can we expect? You would think he would build off the momentum from the Celebration Day release as perfect timing to go play live. He does have new material, he even plays some of it in the "It Might Get Loud" DVD (I think there were some new acoustic material he played in the "deleted scenes" part of the DVD I watched a few years ago). I've never been a big fan of re-issued albums, re-mastered, etc. I hope if/when he does re-release the Led Zep albums, it's a prelude to something more interesting.
  2. I don't think we'll ever see a Jimmy Page or Page/Plant, or Led Zep tour in the format of multiple cities, 100+ shows, etc. Ok, that's obvious but what I think will happen is what Michael Jackson tried to do in 2009 (50 shows/one city). I think Page will play live next year, in a format that will require fans to travel to see him. Maybe a few concerts, spaced out to allow for rest, in a few or several locations. Something like 6 shows in NYC over a month, 6 shows in London over a month, maybe a couple more locations. As far as singers (assuming no Led Zep reunion), he could invite different guest singers for each show. I think he's beyond the point of being able to develop a new super rock group. Too many expectations, comparisons to Led Zep, etc. Would like to see him take a different approach - a 1.5 hour arena show where maybe he just highlights different songs from his career. A tour that would be in his comfort zone and he can establish realistic expectations for fans (no 3 hour concerts, no 20 minute solos, etc). Yes, tix would be a nightmare to get and probably cost $200+, but it would be fair market value since every show would sell out. For you super fans out there, correct me if I"m wrong but I don't think he's gone more than 7 years without a live show (on a large scale). He is due very soon. Anyway, just my wishes and speculation.
  3. Page delivered the 2007 show on DVD/Blu-Ray last year. I fully believe his is working on his re-mastered albums/unreleased material as we speak. It must take an incredible amount of time/effort to bring it all together. I'm hoping for a late 2013/early 2014 release. Don't count these guys out. I thought I wouldn't see Jimmy live again in the early 90's, then he toured with Plant. Then the Black Crowes in the late 90's. He does have new material, he has a plan, and he will rise again. And we will see him play.
  4. I appreciate the honest review of the concert movie. With the wife and kid out of the house, I played the show at full volume on the big TV with surround sound. It was better than I could have imagined. Sometimes I would start comparing to 1970, 1973 or 1975 live concerts and think that it was obviously different, but most of the time I thought it was one of their greatest efforts. How shall I put it? I guess we all have to put this show in proper context. Led Zep band, 60+ years old, playing a concert that still sounded better than any band in existance today. In that context, it is far greater than I could ever imagine. I was so happy to see they could play the number of songs they did, with the most intense energy, and giving it their best. My god, I'm in my early 40's and could not comprehend how those guys played like they did that night. And I have to say Jason's drumming was a highlight of the show for me. He nailed it, on every song. The energy, determination to succeed, imperfections, updated tunings, Mr Plant embracing Led Zep music again, and seeing them on the same stage giving it their all makes it one of my favorite concerts that I will watch more than their previous shows because it is what they are today (actually 5 years ago). I can't wait to see Mr Page next year live (if that happens). I don't need to see him in his dragon outfit, I just want to see what he does as a 68 old guitar God.
  5. Man, I'm getting bored with Jimmypage.com. How exciting it was last summer, the promise of new music. Now I get to read what they did on every random day in the 60's, 70's, 80,'s and 00's. Hate to say this, but it's become a big letdown. I wonder how many people actually care? If Jimmy Page wants to highlight what he is doing today, or what he will do in the coming months, I think his website strategy is a big step backwards. Come home from work, take care of the kids, fix dinner, and read about what Zep did in 1974? It holds the attention of the Zeppelin fanatics maybe, but please....it's time for Jimmy to release new music, or at least talk about his ideas for the near future, or dare I say this, the shutdown the website. No thanks to soundtrack music from 1982. Give us a clip of Jimmy playing a new riff, and I would be excited. Anything would be good at this point, 4+ years after the London show that hinted at the possibility of something new. Time to move forward.
  6. I've been on the fence about getting this book. At this point in my life, I guess I can afford it, but that's not my issue. I really don't care if it is $100 or $700....I'm just disappointed that it apparantly doesn't contain any text, any comments or insight by Jimmy Page? Even a few sentences about each photo would make a huge difference. Where was he at the time? What was he thinking? What was he playing? Was he happy? What was going on with Led Zep? His personal life? What was he thinking of recording? etc, etc.
  7. The idea or thought in my head that he is just working on creating music is worth the wait, no matter how long. The various clips from "It Might Get Loud" confirmed that he does have new material. I was never a big fan of pure instrumentals, but hearing his new electric and acoustic material on the DVD was special. To me the new riffs sounded classic Jimmy Page, yet new and innovative at the same time. The electric guitar material is heavy without being just noise, and the acoustic stuff is far beyond simple chords (check out the deleted scenes on the DVD). And now that he has an official website, you can't help but think we'll hear something the album in the next 3-6 months.
  8. I'll be happpy to hear what he played in "It Might Get Loud," after he finishes the songs. I think he sounds better than ever, to hear his unique sound and style in the movie, even in small clips, was special. Can't wait, best news of the year. I can't imagine what he is planning though. I was expecting an album with a bunch of A-List rock singers, but perhaps not. Exciting.
  9. You guys need to come to DC. I haven't seen a Led Zep cover band since the early 90's (Physical Graffiti). From what I hear it sounds like a great show. We'll be waiting...
  10. The part about wanting to play "loud music" was great!! Hard to believe that JPJ almost confirmed that they would tour very soon. It's weird, but I want to see them just as much without Plant. Not like the past, when anything short of Plant w/Page wouldn't feel like Zep. Perhaps it's because so much time has gone by, and all hopes of a Zep reunion seemed silly the last 10 years, or maybe 'cause they're older, or maybe 'cause Page, Jones, and Bonham are having so much fun playing together.....but I'm just as excited and I wonder if we are to expect the same crazy demand for tix as with the O2 show? I think so, I'll go anywhere, pay anything to see these guys with any new singer. Plant left these 3 guys and us his legacy and genius and lyrics and melodies, and we'll take all of that and remember him and thank him when this new guy is singing "How Many More Times" live. I wish him nothing but the best and he is probably happy for all of us moving forward without him.
  11. Amazing, the guy has an incredible voice. I think he works great in a LZ cover band, but I don't think Page & co. are looking for someone who can imitate Plant's look or in this case, his voice. I could be wrong, but I think they'll go with a singer who's a proven song writer, someone who has awesome vocal range and the ability to create new songs, and I don't think this new person will look or sound anything like Plant. I admit this is what I hope they'll do!
  12. I definitely like C/P better. It seems Jimmy Page spent a lot of time and effort to get a guitar-driven album made. And to be honest I hardly notice Jimmy is playing on some Firm songs.
  13. You're absolutely right re: "For Your Life." I always liked this song, but for some reason never thought of it as one of their best songs, yet hearing it live (via cell phone clips on YouTube), made me realize how amazing this song is, and made me wonder what other Zeppelin songs (that they never played live) have that same potential? I also liked "Good Times Bad Times." The extra power from Bonham/Jones in the live version really brought this song to another level (like "For Your Life"). "Nobody's Fault" was also very heavy and I liked it better than the 1979 live version!
  14. My original post for this thread was perhaps poorly worded. I don't mean any disrespect for this new collaboration, but I wanted to point out the fact that their fan base seems to be limited (regardless of situation with gas prices or other similar economic indicators). I don't think anything will stop 16 or 60 year old fans from hearing their favorite band (my justification for that statement being seeing sold-out U2 concerts over the last 20 years with a pretty diverse fan base). Plant/Krauss are creating music that satisfies a relatively small niche of fans out there, and this is a truth that should be considered. I haven't seen a show, and I don't have their album, so I admit I don't have the right to judge the quality of their live shows. But the market has spoken - and with a fair amount of publicity, I was surprised that they don't seem to appeal to a very wide fan base. After seeing how passionate some folks on this forum are about this Plant/Krauss partnership, I will make the effort to see them. And don't we all want to hear constructive feedback, not personal attacks?! Chill out, everyone, at the end of the day, we'll all be at the same pre-concert party celebrating together at the upcoming Zeppelin tour
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