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  1. May I please have the link also? Kind thanks
  2. Definitely prefer 928’s Stairway, Page is really letting it rip on the solo. I’ll go with 928 on What Is although I’m not sure if it’s just the beautiful, full sound of the new board that does it for me on that one. This LZ rarities version of the board is so nice. Bonzo’s martial incursion on Moby Dick from 929 is one of my all time favorite moments from the master. Page’s thrilling, off the cuff Hendrix trip during 929 WLL is right up there near the top of my all time favorite moments of anything!
  3. imo Now And Zen and Tall Cool One mark the absolute nadir of Plant’s solo career. He managed things better on Manic Nirvana, which turned out to be a fine rock album without resorting to the cheap and cynical salesmanship on offer in Now And Zen. That said, Now And Zen got his solo career off life-support and I love Manic Nirvana and Fate of Nations. So perhaps the end justified the means...
  4. Jones and Grohl made a very nice rhythm section indeed. I was at the foot of the stage directly in front of Jones at their DC show at the 9:30 Club. I’ve been going to concerts for 45 years. TCV is one of the very best shows I’ve ever seen. Would love to see them again.
  5. Charlotte 6/9/72 is a good one that has always kind of flown under the radar imo.
  6. I’ve always loved Winterland 4/26/69. One of the great gigs ever imo
  7. Those Copenhagen 79 pics are really cool...on their way to their best post-73 gig...a very nice find!
  8. Always loved Four Sticks, and completely agree with the nods to the Page Plant versions. The Egyptian orchestra was a revelation on that, along of course with the late great Michael Lee. And iirc there’s a nice moment in the “No Quarter” material where Robert mentions the guy who originally wielded the four sticks...
  9. I suspect that if it were just up to Jimmy, a lot of things that haven’t happened would indeed have happened over the years. iirc I’ve read that any potential Zep releases have to be signed off on by all 4 of the respective camps, including of course the R. Plant camp. The RAH show, with of course a couple of glaring omissions, is at least out there in bootleg/download land in excellent sound quality. And that might be all we ever get.
  10. RIP-IT-UP nailed it way back in the beginning of this thread. The Live In Peace solo from the Firm show at Hammersmith way back in 1984 is one of the most exciting solos he ever played. He certainly didn’t splice that together. Whatever he did in the studio with Zep worked in spades to say the least. Personally I don’t worry about how he did it on whichever track. Those records are spectacular and have stood the test of time beyond all belief. Sometimes it’s better not to think too much about how the sausage gets made.
  11. LA 6/3/73 is also one of the best
  12. There’s a lot of magic on 5/24, NQ, Tangerine, a wonderful acoustic set and a fine Stairway. But the best thing about it is what’s for my money the greatest ever Trampled. Best overall 75 show imo is Seattle 321 followed closely by Long Beach 312. Couldn’t agree more with duckman, if we ever get multis from EC that will be epic to say the least. The dry boards from this era don’t do the band many favors. A properly mixed multi from Mr Page would silence any naysayers.
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