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  1. Its an interesting subject. "progressive" can be taken in different contexts. As a music genre, there are definately aspects to some of LZ's songs one could describe as progressive, even at just a superficial level - Immigrant Song, Battle for Evermore, NQ, Achilles, all IMO would have a progressive angle to them (even if they are under a hard rock umbrella). You can hear it in the musical composition, and in the lyrical content as well. Theres a lot of known, grounded material in Plants lyrical ideas, but there are also quite a bit of abstract and deeper concepts as well (sometimes simulatneous, within the same song), and its a perfect match for the musical ideas that are being presented. The first word usually used to describe Page's chords structures is progressive. That isnt a music genre per say, but it does lend itself naturally to what people think "progressive" music is. All that being said, if I had to pick an album, it would have to be HOTH. Conceptually as a whole piece - the most progressive
  2. 03/21/75 Seattle - faster timing, granted, but amazing! I never get tired of this version
  3. loving this thread and taking notes - id love to get some of these versions!
  4. evocative... perilous southern charm - subversive indeed well done!
  5. its nice to see threads like this on this site! Virginia, your tomato portraits remind me of the south, and all the warm fuzzy memories that go along with that. Was that theme intentional, or am I just picking up what you are just naturally expressing? Either way, THANK YOU xox
  6. nothing more than a mixtape challenge ive done this to my favorite live Zep song - NQ
  7. mine too. watching him pull guitars from the stash at his place was cool as well. I left the movie wanting more of the three of them actually playing though...
  8. One of the fun memories of the 70's thats for sure - midnight movies. Berating the wasted chicks who would insist on getting up in front of the screen and dance through the songs... "who called me a bitch?? - f-you!!..." tee hee I remember Rocky Horror... barely. What about that Rock Supershow where you saw that early Zep doing D&C? I thought Jimmy looked freaking cool in that leather jacket and strat. Then the next day the theatre played Godzilla movies with that Sensurround. Great way to cure that hangover Awsome
  9. It was an odd feeling seeing him out there. Good to see him play (but he wasnt), glad he is enjoying his well earned due, but strange seeing Zep being commercialized a little. Just because that for decades, that was their deal - not to be doing the cheese like that. Didnt say he was selling out, but it is a little difficult to adjust to the new post-Zep world Jimmy is living in, thats all. As for Lewis being manufactured - well she won a talent contest, and reaped the benefits of that contest. Sure she is talented vocally, but cmon - she won a contest, had a bunch of other more talented song writers write songs for her, and got a label to promote it. Thats manufactured in my dictionary.
  10. well put, Evster. Thunderthief was impressive. Imagine Page putting his stuff on some of those tracks. Jones can solo on the bass like no one's biznezz
  11. I dont want to cause no fuss, but I too am a Who fan, and have been a member of their site, and haven't encountered anything remote to what your claiming. In fact, I think that it is by far the best fansite of any of the mega groups out there. To wit - 1). Dunno about the free trade market laws. Perhaps people were selling them above market value (which would be the cost of joining)? Outstanding double CD, BTW. "Not sold in stores" probably means different things to different people... 2). On the older site, Pete was in the process of writing an autobiography, and requested opinions. On the new site, he posts every other month or every quarter even. The posts are long, and cynical, and snipey, but they are somewhat honest and thoughtfull, and also responds to follow ups. Roger (despite his loathing cpu's\internet) has answered posted questions to him in a video interview. The fact that he is busy writing and requests folks not to post, reveals to me the amazing fact that Pete is actually involved, and is reading stuff on there! Rather than a PR lackey, or an assistant. Of course, The Who are not an up and coming band, looking at scraping up fan growth. Maybe Im not expecting as much as others, but if your a Who fan, it's an astounding level of interaction that, frankly, I havent found anywhere from the super mega groups that are on The Who's level. A few posts and question\interview sessions a year versus absolutely nothing that their contemporaries have offered...... 3). Rock Honors. Subscribed Who fans got a 24 hour jump on the presale (pre-pre sale?). All of them. Limit was 2 per membership. It was through Ticketmaster, so it did depend on your TM saavy. In other words, how much risk you wanted to take in order to get a closer seat by hitting the availability the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th time ... whatever (I hate TM). We didnt get exactly what we wanted, but we are around row 15 on the floor. Chalk that up to TM inexperience, and a tip of the hat to the Who fans who are, and got 3rd - 7th row. Much better deal than I got via the Rush presale (25th row). There is no "small group of people" inner circle stuff. Everyone got the same deal. They are aggresively persuing scalpers because 1): it is all going to charity and 2): they arent ID checking at the door like the O2. There are more than a couple of threads on that site dedicated to fair trade \ face value VH1 ticket selling, BTW. This is all my personal opinion, but I think the Who fan site is professionally run, and gives about the closest interaction that is offered by any of the ubergroups. Also my experience in the business tells me that, considering all that is offered by the membership, plus hosting, publishing, etc., I would say that site might be breaking even on the ledger, and is probably losing money.
  12. We are going, and are starting to get excited about it! Not thrilled with any of the tribute bands, but being an Okie, we are looking forward to the Lips playing on some Who. Last I heard, The Who will be playing at least a 45 minute set at the end, so... WOOT! Anyone else out there going? It's too bad that the scheduling or circumstances always precludes the bands one would really want to see. Aerosmith, Heart (Anne can do a crazy Love Reign), or even a punk style band like Greenday would rock on Who material.
  13. Well, are there any Zep heads other than me going? Who Not particularly thrilled about the guest bands, but being a fellow Okie, I am partial to The Flaming Lips.
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