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  1. i'm 21, and i have been absolutely enamored with and addicted to zeppelin since i was about 14 i think. that was when i started getting into classic rock.. i had recently discovered Lord of the Rings and was obsessed with discovering all the little world of history and buzz that surrounds it and its fans, and one day Ramble On came on the radio, and i heard the lord of the rings references in the song, and i was so intrigued that i immediately went online and looked up the connection. then i bought IV and was amazed.. i thought i had discovered this huge secret, none of my friends listened to
  2. what an amazing thing to do! congrats on getting it to him and knowing he loved it! i hope he realizes the immensity of the project and thanks you personally! rock on!
  3. i would love anything they played, but i think a mix of old and new would be best. i think it would be important as a frame of reference - hearing what a song like "What is and What Should Never Be" (my favorite haha) sounds like when they play it now in their more mature ages would help everyone interpret and understand better any new material they put out.
  4. so i know everyone probably knows this but me, but why exactly is robert not wanting to do the tour?? does he not realize how amazing that would be? the chance to get his music out to another generation or two? i love the albums but i would give anything to see them live!
  5. yuck. nobody could sound good.. they would start singing and everyone would cringe because it wouldn't sound like plant. he would say the words different, put different movements on it, and i can't imagine liking it.. it reminds me of an awful time i saw a Queen performance on tv.. they have Paul Rodgers from Bad Company as their new singer.. he is an excellent singer and there was nothing lacking in his performance, but the whole time i just wanted to hear Freddie Mercury.. it just wasn't the same! every member of a band is important, but the singer brings the audience in and puts language
  6. that must have been insane!! i wish i was alive then! as for cool zep moments, i always love putting on II or IV while reading Lord of the Rings... they fit so well together!
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