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  1. Is your assignment titled " Why does everyone have to analyse the arse off everything?" it should be! Indian influences, there were only 3 curry house in London when LZIV was released, where on earth would they have even heard the music, and more importantly get a peshwari nan? Just enjoy the music and stop worrying about it!
  2. The book is excellent, clearly well informed and written by a journalist who is held in high respect in the UK. Unlike others I was not surprised that the book contained much information and many stories that I had heard before, this is in fact a feature of factual biographies and history books! If you wanted a different story then you should have bought a book about a different band, or alternatively one written by a US history author with a back catalogue of books about what happened, or didn't happen to the native american indigenous peoples. ( Sorry I was going to go for a German but
  3. I personally feel that a "British Invasion" as such indicates the export of a successful product into another territory. This was not the case for Led Zeppelin who were in fact broken in the US and exported back to the UK. Like it actually matters.
  4. Buy me a boat, fuel it up and drop me in the Med and you can take as many pictures of me as you want! Lucky bastard. In truth the "paps" in the UK wouldn't follow RP round as the overwhelming majority of people who read the crap in the UK wouldn't have a clue who he was and we have got thousands of people with no talent whatsoever who are quite prepared to be photographed doing whatever to preserve their extremely tenuous status as celebrities.
  5. They could always draft in the remaining members of the Hot 7, apparently they got dumped by their frontman as well.
  6. Nope I must be even more stupid than you think, so I am clear is it they "won't tour with songs they did 30 years ago" or they will play "probably an occasional old hit or two". This is now moving off topic, but I do have to have things explained carefully to me. :'(
  7. Did you colour in the inner sleeve - I did and made a complete bollocks of it, water everywhere. Went and bought a new one - same cover and argued for 10 minutes with the guy, before he would change it.
  8. I am in total and complete agreement with this in this context.
  9. Your loyalty is commendable, but whilst I regularly still play the album, and it has some excellent qualities, you seem to be saying that this is in the Top Ten albums of all time in your opinion. Now PG has been number 1 in my opinion since release and I would definitely place two other Zep albums top 5, with probably 5 in the top ten, but I cannot get ITTOD anywhere close to being in there. I would be very interested to get opinions of this album if it were the sole LZ release, I fear that to few people would actually have heard it.
  10. Their weakest album by a country mile and I queued for it on day of release.
  11. They could call it Coda meaning "The concluding passage of a movement or composition". signifying the end of an era and closure of a fantastic body of work. I think this would really draw a line under the bands career and send a definitive statement to fans...... er hang on a minute!
  12. Not directly in response to this post , which I completely understand the spirit of however I notice similar posts suggesting being in band is not a job. Here is a definition; A regular activity performed in exchange for payment, especially as one's trade, occupation, or profession. That seems to fit. There are contractual obligations attached to any tour, album and quite correctly a consideration paid in respect of the contract Here is hobby a pursuit outside one's regular occupation engaged in especially for relaxation This is a job. There is a common notion that a job is so
  13. Actually you are wrong - he is not in LZ now, he was 30 years ago. (No one is saying that he should do stuff he did 30 years ago.) Which previous kickass material from Page Jones and (Jason) Bonham are your referring to? Are you suggesting they would not tour the original Zep catalogue?
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