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  1. I dont know if anyone has said this yet, but one thing that I heard was that he only ever told one person, Robert Plant. And he has "since forgot." he said once in an interview another one of those amazing Zep mysteries
  2. Im going to have to agree with Knebby, I just messed with it for a while, i definitely hear "_______ high hailla ball" (not quite sure what goes in the blank.) I think if the man asked Plant himself he is right, unless he is lying haha. im on your side Knebby
  3. my parents hate tattoos but i just told them i was getting a tattoo and there was nothing they could do about it. I do love hers its so cool.
  4. I just got mine 3 weeks ago, I freakin love it. I have been obsessed with Led Zeppelin ever since i first heard them for the first time in highschool. I still remember black dog coming on the radio while i was lifting in the gym and i was like "what is this heavenly noise coming out of the speakers" i have been hooked ever since, i have become a life long student in learning the story of Led Zeppelin and am always over joyed to hear a new led zeppelin fact. ne ways enough bable, heres my zep ink! This is me and my friend megan showin off our tattoos, she has the symbols in there. she
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