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  1. The pics turned out great Al! You're a trooper for posting them. Take care of yourself, and get some rest. Hugs, Sharon
  2. Yes, you're probably right! In fact, I first asked one of the burly guards that sat in front of the stage. He just kept asking "you want what?". I don't know if he just couldn't hear me, or that he just thought I was a nut! Needless to say, I cradled it all the way back home. I just kept thinking..."Robert's hands held this...Robert's lips touched this..." Am I pitiful or what?
  3. Robert was definitely having a good time that night. More so than even in Seattle. Maybe it was the beer It is quite potent! There was a problem with the curtain. One part was stuck, and for some reason, Robert found it very amusing Good beer I'm telling ya....
  4. (Quote)~~~had the pleasure of meeting Robsmayqueen for lunch last week.....what a warm-hearted and fun-tastic lady she is! Can't wait to meet you too Al. One other tourist attraction you may want to add to your itinerary, if you have time, is the Experience Music Project. Wishing you a safe flight, see you soon, ~~ Becky~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ******************************************************************************** *********** I'm just now reading this thread--been very busy lately... First off--How sweet your comment was Becky! Ditto back atcha gal! We'll have to do it
  5. Miss you too big Al. But don't worry...we'll have plenty of time to make it up soon Right now, I will be content just to watch you revel in your new-found celebrity. Just don't let it all go to your head--it's already big enough. Love ya.
  6. Way cool AL Pal!!! I was wondering why I haven't heard from you. I see now you were getting ready for the top secret event! Can't wait to hear all about it. See ya soon---5 weeks and counting! Sharon
  7. Happy Birthday to the Sexiest 60yr. old ever! Keep a-coolin' baby!
  8. I suppose I can learn to share... I wish we could find out what room the boys stayed in back in the day, so we could switch to that one. Can you imagine--if walls could talk! I know one thing, the outside of the hotel doesn't do it justice. The inside is gorgeous! And hey Al....don't go getting any ideas centering around certain types of fish...
  9. I kinda like to think he's coming to see me also. I mean...a girl can dream, can't she? Luv ya Big AL But seriously folks...I hope whomever can be there--will be there!
  10. Yes, we should all try to meet up before the show. I'm fairly new to the area, so I can't really suggest any places. If anyone knows of a cool place, please speak up! Who knows, maybe we'll even run into Robert!
  11. So cool! Jason is such a sweetheart. I had the pleasure of seeing him and his band in New Orleans back in the late 90's. I talked to him backstage, and he was so down to earth. Telling me how he missed his kids, etc. He gave me a signed drumstick which I proudly display near my compy. I was so hoping to see him and our Zep guys back on stage. Maybe there's still a glimpse of hope....but it seems like it's fading fast...
  12. You buy a Hershey's chocolate mug because it has Robert's name on it.
  13. Ah...the memories. It was such a great night. Hard to believe that all of that was under water just 6 months later. I'm sure Robert and the guys thought of that also. And probably that goof Jude Law . And... little did he know, but I didn't take the seat to be next to him--but to see Robert better! To tell you the truth, I didn't even recognize him--my focus was on "you know who"! But anyway...thanks for the memories Big AL Hugs, Sharon (see ya soon!)
  14. \\ OK--we are set. Wish us luck everyone! (And good luck to all the other folks going!)
  15. Looks like there is a Portland presale, so keep your fingers crossed that I get the password for both shows. The presale for both cities is Wed at 10 am, so I'm glad you're getting one set!
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