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  1. If you wanna read my first reply to this topic then look around page 14. I've got a bit of an ear bashing for some of the things I said. I criticised Pagey's hair, slap my wrist. I'm sorry but when your a guy and get to 63/64 you don't tie your hair in a pony tale, it's just looks silly. "Knebby" Yeah I DO admire Page but if he does something dumb I'll speak my mind. I'm sure there are other people on this earth that thought he looked stupid. So your saying if Jimmy Page did something you thought was real dumb you'd still think he was awesome would you? Leona won't last, how many of these manufactured artists do, not a huge amount if you think about it. Loads of people can have an awesome voice with enough practice, but not loads of people can write truly awesome songs. "Knebby" if you thought there were no corporate vibes at them games then obviously you were unaware that peoples house's were knocked down for the stadium to be built, and if they protested they were thrown in jail. Corporate? I think so. "Knebby" And yes in my opinion I do think he sold out by doing what he did at the games. It sounds like it wasn't even being played live and was a recording, now come on, if that's not what manufactured pop artists do then what is. Erm, yes I'm a huge huge fan of Zep and a very knowledgeable one too, but that doesn't mean your heros don't act like complete idiots from time to time. And I think you'll find that "Pete Townsend" was found "not guilty" regarding the pics he had on his computer.
  2. Hello all, I'm surprised by viewing some responces to this topic that some of you think it was a cool thing for Mr. Page to play Whole Lotta Love with a manufactured ordinary popstar. Can't see other iconic guitarists doing that, Keith Richards, Pete Townsend etc. I admire Jimmy Page so much, Led Zeppelin is an awesome unstoppable force but I'm afraid I lost a bit of credibility for him when he did that with Leona Lewis, rock & roll is suppose to be rebellious? That closing ceromony was shite, yeah Beckham kicked a ball, big fucking deal, he's shit these days anyway. Everyone says how good Leona is, o.k yeah she has a good voice, but that's about it, and everyone says she's successful, well to be honest in England (which is her homeland) we don't really here fuck all from her. I'm sorry but Jimmy Page was selling out big time when he played that corporate olympic due. One more thing, and what the fuck has Pagey done with his hair, he looked a right tit. He's not in his 20's anymore. See ya
  3. Here's another one of Mr. Matty Page.
  4. Before I post another pic or two of myself I just wanna say that Maureen you seem to get more beautiful with each pic you post! That's me on fistral beach in newquay, to people over the seas thats in the south west of england. Sorry but I seem to have to put this in the wrong place, oh well never mind, you can see my babies now!! And this last one is me in the pub after coming down the pistes in the alps back in Febuary. Check out that awesome hat, it's actually my dads. He doesn't normally buy mad things like that but a lot of people who ski/snowboard have crazy head gear so dad thought "fuck it" I'm having one of them! This pub was well good, decent live music most nights and whenever we finished skiing it seemed to tie in with happy hour very well, so we'd ski, get pissed go have a sleep and then drink some more!! See ya
  5. Hello all, I've been playing guitar a while but have never really bothered buying a slide until today. I'm sure to people who remember playing slide for the first time will agree it feels a bits awkward first time round. I bought a chrome one, but I think it may be a little long so I was gonna get a hack saw and chop a bit off, I only really wanted the second half of one of my middle fingers to be covered when playing cause then I can bend it too. This brings me to another question, what sort of slide did Page use, it looks like a chrome one to me, but was it, short, long, medium. Could he bend his slide finger whilst sliding!! Cheers everyone
  6. Hello all, Just wanted to see (and I imagine there will be) if there are other hayfever suckers on here. If so, it's a right pain in the arse isn't it? Maybe some of you know of some secret antidotes you could share with us. A teaspoon of honey local to your area everyday is quite a good medicine for this annoying sneezy fever. So anyone got anything worth sharing? Cheers
  7. Sorry if this bit don't make sense, was typing too fast!! "but I am a hell of a lot better than what I was and I hope in time I will start to be like I was." I mean I'm confident I'll be able to be like I was before that funeral, but appreciate it's not something that will happen overnight.
  8. Hello, Yeah that is a fantastic story and it kinda makes you feel that you just gotta hang in there. If it's o.k I would like to mention that the second half of last year and early this year hasn't been great for me. My uncle died at 59 last year of cancer (not old really), and his funeral was the first I had ever attended and it seemed to fuck me up, it scared me and I had a lot of flashbacks and had to see a someone. Then me grandad passed away not long ago, and since these things I haven't really been the same since, but I am a hell of a lot better than what I was and I hope in time I will start to be like I was. One thing that really made me feel miles better was crying uncontrollably after my uncles death, I was crying cause I was shit scared I would never get the thoughts of the funeral out of my head, it was pretty full on in the days that followed and crying about this was like a pressure cooker exploding. Anyway, sorry you have to hear my problems but it seems like the correct topic to write them in, like I say I'm much better with myself these days. But Ev's story is a great example for anyone down on there luck, your a cool dude Ev and maye one day if I'm near your hometown I'll buy ya a beer and we can rock out!! See ya
  9. Hello Maureen how are you today? Well yeah I believe the cowboy thing is fairly popular in the states but not certain cause I live in England. But to be honest I wouldn't care if it was popular or not, I've always worn what I want, even if I look like an idiot!! It's good not to be a follower of fashion, but saying that I don't walk down the streets like a cowboy bluesman everyday!!
  10. Sorry but I have to correct my grammer!! (I guess a lot of you "aready" knew that)
  11. Hello, I dunno why I hadn't seen it sooner but on Sunday in England on channel 4 at 9pm "Walk The Line" was on. (I guess a lot of you laready knew that) But as I hadn't seen it yet it was a real treat for me, it even made me where my Johnny Cash t-shirt yesterday and today! I thought both lead roles were very good, I'm sure the guys on here will agree that Reese Witherspoon looked very hot, black hair really suited her I thought. I personally thought with the time they had the film captured his life quite well. See ya
  12. Hello Bluesyzep, Yeah this is a tricky one, a lot of people who are awesome at guitar (I'm not bad but not awesome) may not think it's tricky, but yeah it takes some time. I have seen some vids on youtube of one or two people finger picking it, I learned it with a pick and I remember thinking before I learned it "I can't do that" but it's like anything, with enough practice it will eventually start to take shape. I always think it a great feeling when you learn something which takes quite a bit of practice and I always feel proud that I taught myself the guitar, I imagine a lot of people on here taught themselves. So yeah, I used a pick. But it's whatever you feel most comfortable with dude. Cheers
  13. Hi, I was just curious as to where Pagey stores all his gear he's aquired over the years. Surely he can't have it all in his house (i know he probably has a big house). But seriously how many guitars, amps, effects do you think he actually has. Can you imagine walking into a room with all his stuff in it, one word, AWESOME! Cheerio
  14. Maureen, Thank you so much for the very kind words. To plain people looking like a cowboy bluesman may be an insult, but for me you couldn't have of given me a nicer comment. Thanks
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