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  1. Opps... I didn't see that someone else post this up before me.. Sorry!!!
  2. LONDON - Rock stars are known for excesses, but Led Zeppelin guitar god Jimmy Page is reluctantly admitting his limits. Britain's Guardian newspaper reports that Page has to curb his most expensive habit - collecting pre-Raphaelite art - by selling a giant tapestry depicting a vision of the Holy Grail. Page's friend Raul Reeves tells the paper Page has no wall space left in his many mansions. Reeves says Sotheby's auction house will sell the tapestry designed by painter Edward Burne-Jones next week. He says it is expected to fetch up to $2 million. Page is also selling
  3. Actually he did 1 Zeppelin track on his album "Cover To Cover" He did Communication Breakdown.
  4. Hi All, Not sure if you heard but Jeff Healey died today of a long battle of cancer. He was a great guitar player and knew how to play the blues... sad week for rock and roll. losing Jeff Healey and Buddy Miles within 7 days apart. if there's a rock 'n roll heaven, it should sound great!!!! Steve
  5. In addition to his father's band The Bebops, as a teenager Miles played in a variety of bands including Ruby & the Romantics, the Ink Spots and the Delfonics. In 1967 he formed Electric Flag with guitarist Mike Bloomfield. While the lead vocalist for the Flag was Nick Gravenites, fans of the Flag always looked forward to the numbers sung by Miles. Listen to the slow blues song "Texas" by the short-lived Flag and you will get a sense of what Miles brought to the group. The group broke up after their 2nd album, and Miles formed the Buddy Miles Express. After Electric Flag, Miles would
  6. I just heard on the radio that Buddy Mile past away last night. He was such a amazing drummer. He really impressed me when I heard him play with Henderix on "Band of Gyspys". He played with a bunch of musicians. Stevie Wonder, SRV, Santana, Henderix, Ike Turner and etc... Rest In Peace Buddy!!!
  7. Got married in 2006 with "Thank You".. Was going for "I'm Gonna Crawl" but my wife didn't like it... Actually, another good wedding song would be Robert Plants tune "The Greatest Gift".. awesome song!!!
  8. I think the bottom line is that any drummer with skill would die to drum for Led Zeppelin, even if it were just for rehearsals... Hell, I can't drum and I wouldn't mind going behind the skins... At least I'll be in the same room with Page, Plant and Jones for a few minutes before they find out I can't drum and toss me out.. LOL!!!!
  9. First off... Since I wasn't able to attend the show.. i want to thank everyone who posted a set-list a picture a video... Any information that was made possible for what was happening last night and beyond.. . I'm pretty sure everyone else feels the same way. I just noticed that youtube is removing the links slowly but surely... Anyhow, here a short clip of Ramble On that i found... It's only 46 seconds but I would like to share it. if someone already posted it, sorry for the double post.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tvoHLf1ZsuU Thanks again everyone!!!! let's pray they tour!!
  10. Opps.. I see that it has already been posted... Sorry for the double post...
  11. I just heard on the radio that members of Yes and E.L.P. will open before Zeppelin gets on stage with 1 song.. Fanfare for the common man...
  12. I'm pretty sure that they will open with Rock and Roll.. Just the opening lines to the song descibe the scene of this occation... Damn!! Wish I could be there.. LoL!!!
  13. He sang with Sandy Denny.. Battle of Evermore.. And Tori Amos .. Down by the Seaside KD lang and Emmylou Harris, I don't recall him doing anything with them... Good Luck!!
  14. Hey All, Just to let you guys know that you can pre-order the O2 Reunion Souvenir book... http://www.themerchandisingshop.co.uk/shop...6&catid=481 Enjoy! Steve
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