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  1. You know the Keebler elves? They bake cookies all night and day and like magic poof, keebler cookies! It's much the same with rumours. There is a top seceret commitee that meets in Helsinki and they sit around and think of the most ludacris tale they can think of then sell it to us the next morning. Poof! Magic!
  2. My post cancer tests all came back clean! I am now a 5 year survivor.
  3. The edge of America...The Oregon coast
  4. Hello folks! Sure glad to be here. I love the look of the new site! I am a looooooong time Led Zep fan. I won't say exactly how long time but it's over 20 years! I live on the Oregon Coast with my wife and faithful companion Woody. He's our 100# yellow lab who loves to climb in your lap and snuggle. Yikes! I have all of the original Album releases and I am in the process of building up my cd collection. I just noticed the collector edition "Song Remains the Same" box set and I am in the process of saving my "allowance" for it now. I look forward to spending some time here. Take care
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