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  1. Seasick Steve, last Sunday in Liverpool....excellent!
  2. Last night (19/3) I saw Justin Adams and Juldeh Camara at the Bluecoat in Liverpool - excellent stuff!
  3. Pleased to see this Thin Lizzy thread. Saw them many times over the years with their evolving line up, with Robbo, Gary Moore,Snowy White and finally with John Sykes providing that unmistakable twin lead sound along with, the ever constant, Scott Gorham. One of the finest live bands ever, typified on 'The Live and Dangerous' recordings. Was really saddened by Phil's passing but was lucky enough to meet the guys in Manchester back in 1982. I have some treasured memorabelia I've kept hold of too. Read something last year about Phil 's mum, Philomena , allowing Phil's revered black bass to be played for the first time since his death by a guy from an up and coming Irish band called The Answer - read JP was taking a lot of interest in them too.
  4. Wish I could turn back the clock exactly 1 year, right now - we'd all be in Dudley getting ready for the gig!!!! Lol xxx

  5. Hiya, hun

    Sorry I missed you online today.

    Yep, nearly a year since that wonderful night in Dudley - I was looking at the piccies myself, last night!

    Will never forget the great time we shared - your composure under the 'lost luggage'circumstances

    was examplery, my dear xxx

  6. MTV - 'The Firm' Special (approx 44 mins) Don't know if this has been posted before? :-/ http://www.veoh.com/videos/v275526sPAxR67a Came across it at Lucy Pillar's site - www.allrightnow.com A great Atlanta based site for any fans of 'Free' or fans of progressive rock, and blues. Sorry guys! Just noticed that the 44 minute special has now been cut to a 5 min snippet. There is a link on it to the full version, if you want to watch further. Some excellent footage of Jimmy included, well worth watching!
  7. Welcome, Julie

    Lovely to have you here xxxx

  8. Fabulous piccie, Aqua ......lookin' mighty good! xxx
  9. Receiving a phone call from my dear Zeppy friends Aqua and Brspled whilst they are out on the town together in London!!! Wish I could be there with them!!!
  10. Will be thinking of you!

    May you and Kelly have a wonderful stay in the UK and France and may the'happening'and this monumental LZ occasion fill your hearts (and ears) with joy!

    Rock your socks off, girls!!! xxx

  11. Be with you in spirit on Monday, mate (especially after copious amounts of bubbly, in GC)

    Savour the moment and have the brilliant night you deserve!!! xxx

  12. Bon voyage, dear Helen.

    You've gotta rock for the both of us on Monday!!! Enjoy xxx

  13. plantonic

    The pub

    Ah, but I bet you wouldn't mind carrying this fella home!
  14. Lovely to see you all! Debbie, you are a very pretty lady!
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