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  1. Thanks for the clips and review! Been wondering where he'd go to with the new band, new material! Sounding a little more meatier than the Plant/Krauss collaboration. I'm liking it!
  2. Loved what I've heard so far, especially the reworked 'Fixin To Die'! Safe flight, WW!!!
  3. Thought you might have gone, Fuchsia! - Really glad you made it!
  4. Seasick Steve, last Sunday in Liverpool....excellent!
  5. I am always, and always will be, delighted to hear the Zep numbers included in Robert's set. I guess no one can ever think of Robert Plant without thinking LZ and vice versa -who'd want to! However, I do believe he's recognised for his significant solo efforts a lot more than the 1% you give him credit for I know folks get very excited caught up in the atmosphere of the gig, but to me it does appear disrespectful when someone hollers for LZ stuff during the set, bloody annoying even, if they're right next to you and bellowing down your ear!- I often wonder what Robert and the band mus
  6. Been at 2 of the recent shows, Manchester and London, and gotta say they've been excellent. High calibre musicians strolling through the numbers with an easy grace. Without a doubt, the union works perfectly, some beautiful songs there. Personally, I like my music a little more unpolished, rougher around the edges. For this reason Nothin' is the stand-out song for me, although BOE hit the spot too! Great to spend some time with Zep/Plant friends old and new, thanks for your company guys xxxxx Fuchsia, Mr & Mrs Twobob, Whyalla and Hang-Man...lovely to meet you ! Heard you shouting lo
  7. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole evening Didn't make a set list because it was much the same as reported from earlier gigs. My seat was much further back than I'd have wished, too far for any good shots. As it happened, picture taking was strictly forbidden! Glad you managed to take some, Lilith, thanks for sharing! I sneaked one quick shot but it quickly prompted a security guy (nasty little shit) to come bounding over shouting the odds :-/ On a more positive note, such is the caliber of the musicians in this band their performance seems effortless. Without any fuss, or posturing, all t
  8. I can only echo what concerns have been expressed here for the safety of the younger members of the community. The guidlines that Bonnie has posted, and the additional sources of useful info/links, should be highlighted and left here permanently, no question. Can't understand anybody who has a problem with that.
  9. I was at the Justin Adams, Juldeh Camara gig in Liverpool last week...well worth going to hear these guys play their mesmerising blend of N.African /bluesy/rhythmic vibe...I thought the percussionist accompanying them, Salah Dawson Miller, was exceptional!
  10. Last night (19/3) I saw Justin Adams and Juldeh Camara at the Bluecoat in Liverpool - excellent stuff!
  11. Pleased to see this Thin Lizzy thread. Saw them many times over the years with their evolving line up, with Robbo, Gary Moore,Snowy White and finally with John Sykes providing that unmistakable twin lead sound along with, the ever constant, Scott Gorham. One of the finest live bands ever, typified on 'The Live and Dangerous' recordings. Was really saddened by Phil's passing but was lucky enough to meet the guys in Manchester back in 1982. I have some treasured memorabelia I've kept hold of too. Read something last year about Phil 's mum, Philomena , allowing Phil's revered black bass
  12. One of the finest! Saw Rory many times, whenever he played the North West of England. Best 'value for money' shows ever - he'd play his heart out for hours! Got to give his band members Gerry McEvoy and Ted McKenna a mention, along with ace harp player Mark Feltham who came along in the latter years, they were such a tight unit - I think Gerry McAvoy and Mark Feltham are with 'Nine Below Zero' nowadays.
  13. To my dear friend, Aqua, one very kind and special lady xxx
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