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  1. My Father fell for their act before he passed away. He answered the phone to, "Grandpa ???" He immediately thought it was my oldest nephew calling from out of town, mentioned his name, and the scammer rolled with it. Told him he got picked up for drunk driving in Atlanta, and didn't want his wife or Mom to know. Pops sent a check for $1500 bucks to an offshore account. They used the excuse it was for bail. We never had a clue until after the fact, when he figured it out for himself that he had been scammed. A hard lesson learned. After he passed, we also found out he was sending cash to one of the Lakota indian tribe schools out West. Lol....they were sending him supposed indian blankets made in China in return. I kept getting the auto extended warranty calls on my cell phone once I retired. I finally answered one, and told them I wanted to extend the warranty on my 13 year old truck with 170,000 miles on it.....never heard from them again.
  2. AM radio played the short version, and FM played the long version. I'm sure there may have been some exceptions to that general rule. I actually remember only two lengthy classic rock songs on AM radio that weren't cut, and that would be "Hey Jude" & Dylan's "Like a Rolling Stone". My friend's older sister, who frequently drove us places, used to tell us that certain songs, especially guitar solos, were cut on AM because youngsters like us with developing brains would be adversely effected. Still makes me laugh. Cutting them on AM radio was one thing. Cutting them and offering a shorter version on Greatest Hits albums from the era was down-right criminal. "Make Me Smile", "Black Magic Woman", & "Angry Eyes", to name a few. WABX Detroit.....The Greatest rock station ever !
  3. Bong-Man

    Golf Talk

    There's always someone who's a worse golfer than you....especially Charles Barkley.
  4. Bong-Man

    2019 NFL Thread

    My cable provider decided that a week before the NFL Draft would be a good time to drop the NFL Network from my cable package. Their marketing dept. decided that now would be a better time than the middle of May ? That's genius stuff right there ! I guess constant reruns of "Dr. Pimple Popper" and "My 600 lb. life" is a cheaper and bigger ratings draw. I got on their website and gave them the following input.... "So your company dropped the NFL Network because they raised the price on you ? I'll be sure to use the same criteria when I evaluate your cable package in the Fall."
  5. After hearing some details about the costs of repairs, I think someone should get a hold of the architects at Disney. They build mountains, castles, and forests out of plastic, rubber, & plaster in no time. Get a couple 3d printers....replace those gargoyles and statues with painted plastic....lighten the load on those new steel replacement beams. It's time to bring the entire religious spectacle up to date.
  6. Not quite the path to enlightenment I expected to read about. Was the deity named Prostate by chance ? Aleister & Oscar....now that would be Wilde.
  7. What do you call a sophomore on the Duke basketball team ? A bad recruit ! GO SPARTANS !!
  8. I've never heard this referenced anywhere else either. Getting a bit of financing from Most certainly isn't farfetched, as he had business relationships at some point with everyone involved during that time-frame, but the perpetuity angle doesn't sound like something Jimmy or Grant would be contractually interested in at all. Perhaps Most just lent Grant some personal cash so Peter could hold up his end of financing and pre-arranging the first tour. After all, it was the Holidays.
  9. Was driving and listening to the local classic rock station, when "Money for Nothing" came on. They beeped out the word 'faggot' 3 times. I'm thinking, come on man ! Why that little faggot is a millionaire !!
  10. Bong-Man

    Golf Talk

    A Dink a dink. Two shots in the drink ! Tiger is humbled. Had to love Nick Faldo's facial reactions yesterday to the PGA guy explaining the two stroke equipment violation penalty given to Harold Varner. Golf sure has some funky rules.
  11. I would have to vote for an infected tooth. Only happened once, but WHOA !
  12. Bong-Man

    2019 NFL Thread

    Kareem Hunt suspended for 8 games. Golden Tate to the Giants.
  13. Bong-Man

    2019 NFL Thread

    I'm still trying to wrap my head around Cleveland paying Greg Robinson 7 - 9 million next year. Supposedly he played well from game 8 on....I'm skeptical. I think Mayfield was just rolling out the other way. He's a human sloth, and he's yet to produce anything for a full season for anybody. It's only for one year so far, but they sure did over-pay. The Lions made some good moves on defense, but it means nothing. Their offensive line was owned by two teams in the division, and the only thing that's happened so far was cutting TJ Lang, who was supposedly our best lineman when he was rarely healthy. My friend who took me to games for the last 40 years has dumped his season tickets that have been in his family since 1970. The Lions are going ticketless, which means if you try to sell your 'tickets' to someone, you have to pay the Lions a fee coming and going to unload a pair of $250 buck tickets to an out-of-town Chicago or Green Bay fan. He won't be alone. If it wasn't for him, I wouldn't have paid to see a game since Barry retired a generation ago. I keep teasing him, "Maybe you're the hex !!" 😄
  14. Not to disrupt this absurd thread, but I happened to watch a bit of the recent Donny Osmond special on PBS. Holy crap !....The guy has turned into the Wayne Newton of his generation, all the way down to the outfits, the plastic surgery, the reminiscing, and the old ladies in front swooning over him. I watched with jaw down, unable to change to the channel for a bit due to the 'car wreck effect'. The thought of Peter Grant allowing any of The Osmonds on stage in 1975 is truly absurd.
  15. Buffalo Green Bay New England New Orleans Houston Dallas Atlanta Pittsburgh Philly Minnesota Kansas City Baltimore L.A. Chargers L.A. Rams Seattle Tennessee Thanks for all of your efforts this year Strider....as always, much appreciated !
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