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  1. Bong-Man

    Golf Talk

    A Dink a dink. Two shots in the drink ! Tiger is humbled. Had to love Nick Faldo's facial reactions yesterday to the PGA guy explaining the two stroke equipment violation penalty given to Harold Varner. Golf sure has some funky rules.
  2. Bong-Man

    Random Thoughts v.3

    I would have to vote for an infected tooth. Only happened once, but WHOA !
  3. Bong-Man

    2019 NFL Thread

    Kareem Hunt suspended for 8 games. Golden Tate to the Giants.
  4. Bong-Man

    2019 NFL Thread

    I'm still trying to wrap my head around Cleveland paying Greg Robinson 7 - 9 million next year. Supposedly he played well from game 8 on....I'm skeptical. I think Mayfield was just rolling out the other way. He's a human sloth, and he's yet to produce anything for a full season for anybody. It's only for one year so far, but they sure did over-pay. The Lions made some good moves on defense, but it means nothing. Their offensive line was owned by two teams in the division, and the only thing that's happened so far was cutting TJ Lang, who was supposedly our best lineman when he was rarely healthy. My friend who took me to games for the last 40 years has dumped his season tickets that have been in his family since 1970. The Lions are going ticketless, which means if you try to sell your 'tickets' to someone, you have to pay the Lions a fee coming and going to unload a pair of $250 buck tickets to an out-of-town Chicago or Green Bay fan. He won't be alone. If it wasn't for him, I wouldn't have paid to see a game since Barry retired a generation ago. I keep teasing him, "Maybe you're the hex !!" 😄
  5. Bong-Man

    led zeppelin and the osmonds?

    Not to disrupt this absurd thread, but I happened to watch a bit of the recent Donny Osmond special on PBS. Holy crap !....The guy has turned into the Wayne Newton of his generation, all the way down to the outfits, the plastic surgery, the reminiscing, and the old ladies in front swooning over him. I watched with jaw down, unable to change to the channel for a bit due to the 'car wreck effect'. The thought of Peter Grant allowing any of The Osmonds on stage in 1975 is truly absurd.
  6. Bong-Man

    2018 NFL Pick 'Em Pool

    Buffalo Green Bay New England New Orleans Houston Dallas Atlanta Pittsburgh Philly Minnesota Kansas City Baltimore L.A. Chargers L.A. Rams Seattle Tennessee Thanks for all of your efforts this year Strider....as always, much appreciated !
  7. Bong-Man

    2018 NFL Pick 'Em Pool

    Tennessee L.A. Chargers Minnesota Dallas Cleveland Indy Miami New England NY Jets Philly Carolina L.A. Rams Chicago New Orleans Kansas City Denver
  8. Bong-Man

    Achilles Last Stand Reaction - Soul Train Bro

    "The Thunder is Constant"
  9. Bong-Man

    2018 NFL Pick 'Em Pool

    Kansas City NY Jets Cleveland Atlanta Buffalo Chicago Cinci Indy Minnesota NY Giants Jacksonville Baltimore Seattle Pittsburgh L.A. Rams New Orleans
  10. Bong-Man

    2018 NFL THREAD

    Don't forget the excitement of Jacksonville's 16 second drive. I haven't seen that since....um, last week ?
  11. Bong-Man

    2018 NFL Pick 'Em Pool

    Tennessee Buffalo Cleveland Green Bay Kansas City New England New Orleans NY Giants Houston L.A. Chargers Denver Dallas Pittsburgh Arizona (Tank Lions Tank !) L.A. Rams Seattle
  12. Bong-Man

    Colorado and Washington legalize Marijuana

  13. Bong-Man

    2018 NFL Pick 'Em Pool

    New Orleans Baltimore Cinci L.A. Rams Green Bay Houston Indy Miami NY Giants Carolina Kansas City Tennessee New England Seattle Pittsburgh Philly
  14. Bong-Man

    2018 NFL THREAD

    I still remember...…
  15. Bong-Man

    2018 NFL Pick 'Em Pool

    Chicago Deep Dish Dallas Assassin(s) ? New Orleans Flood Jacksonville Skynyrds Cincy Beer Indy Nappers New England Clam Chowder Philadelphia Incest Tampa Bay Red Tide Carolina Roofers (Riverboat Ron should have been keel-hauled for his coaching in that last game) Baltimore Case of Crabs L.A. Tinsel Bolts Pittsburgh Iron Men Minnesota Voyageurs Houston Lift-Off (At least they're playing each other. I can only lose one instead of two)