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  1. This one pre-dates Physical Graffiti. It was also proudly worn to the 1977 Silverdome show. It still fits, which proves I'm still a mean lean fighting machine at 61. As long as each round lasts 20 seconds.
  2. Still have this one, and wore it to a Plant Show in 2015 sitting in the 3rd row. Caught him checking it out once too. One of the best ways to preserve your t-shirts or any washable item is to avoid the dryer. Washing (cold water) is necessary, drying ain't. It's hard to believe that show was 28 years ago.
  3. Where in the covfefe did you get that idea ? Stick with the new company lines....dementia & stealing Christmas. If he starts humping his corvette's fender like the last guy did flags, I'll start to worry. Besides that, see you in three years. And if he doesn't make it to the end, it just gets better for you doesn't it ?
  4. Careful John.....Those vaccinated and over the age of 12 would think the use of 'retard' would describe the exact opposite of your intent. retard [retard] VERB retard (verb) · retards (third person present) · retarded (past tense) · retarded (past participle) · retarding (present participle) delay or hold back in terms of progress, development, or accomplishment. "our progress toward vaccination was retarded by unforeseen difficulties" synonyms: delay · slow down · slow up · hold back · set back · keep back · hold up · postpone · put back · detain · decelerate · put a brake on · hinder · hamper · obstruct · inhibit · impede · handicap · hamstring · curb · check · restrain · restrict · arrest · interfere with · interrupt · encumber · clog · stay · trammel · cumber antonyms: accelerate · expedite NOUN offensive retard (noun) · retards (plural noun) a person who has an intellectual disability (often used as a general term of abuse).
  5. Free agent veteran cast-offs at linebacker, and undrafted free agents in the secondary, and we're only in week 2. It will get worse....much worse. I'm not joking about 0-17...it's a real possibility. Goff has the number #1 problem an NFL QB can have....he struggles to take care of the football. NFL games these days are decided by 6-8 plays. You can't give the other team 2 of them by having your QB drop snaps, fumble the football, and throw dumb picks. It's why the Rams dumped him. You may have also noticed he took some serious shots in that game, including a nasty head bounce off the turf. I repeat he'll struggle to stay healthy past week 5. I've grown to appreciate Lion Monday night appearances. It keeps my Sunday clear to watch the rest of the league. In that spirit, I'm going to follow the lead of ESPN and do my best to keep this thread Lion-free for the rest of the season. Our next milestone will be the 2022 Draft, where we'll have the 1st, 32nd, & 33rd pick to rebuild our defense....if both of our Rams/Lions predictions come true. If they take a QB instead of rebuilding their defense, I'll be pissed.
  6. Just a little follow-up. The golfer who asked to participate with a positive test is a 42 year old cancer patient who recently completed his rounds of chemotherapy early in the Summer. He is temporarily unvaxxed due to his Dr.'s orders. He knew we all had our shots, and we all knew why he didn't. Steve is correct in his assumption that the outings were very important to him, even to the point of making arrangements to work a Saturday so he could participate on a Monday. Considering what he's already been through, a positive covid test probably didn't mean much to him. He's also the youngest of our group. However none of this changed the opinion of any of the other 10 or so golfers involved (a very diverse age, political, & religious group I might add). STAY HOME, PROTECT US & OTHERS and take care of yourself was the message sent by everyone, and we'll see you when you get a negative test. So even though his initial question was a bit shocking to everyone involved including me, in the end he handled it properly. It also made the 19th hole beer discussion quite interesting. (I always birdie the 19th hole by the way)
  7. Someone bought me a bottle of this during the Holidays. I later realized they sponsor the Kentucky Derby every year. Makes sense because it tastes like horse piss to me. I'll never understand how someone can willingly drink this crap. I'd rather down some home made white lightning.
  8. Here's a text I received last night from a golfer in my Monday mini-league...... "Hey guys...I tested positive for Covid BUT I feel fine. Would you guys mind if I play tomorrow ? If not I totally understand. I figure I would ask." Considering half the guys I golf with are over 70, I won't bore you with their obvious replies to this gentleman. Even though his question is misplaced, I appreciate his honesty towards us about his condition. I would just like to use this as an example of my position during this whole pandemic episode. It's not the virus or the vaccines I'm afraid of....it's stupid f*cking people !! I can give you several incidents where someone I know was faced with the same problem that kept their positive test to themselves and decided to attend public events, parties, travel, etc., without telling anyone. I don't care about your age, your health, your religion or which way you lean politically. If you pull a stunt like that during a pandemic, you're nothing but a self-centered human piece of shit.
  9. Watched the 4th quarter of last night's game with my morning coffee. A most excellent game. One thing no one ever brings up is when you use your 2nd string QB for a play, your starter not only gets a breather, but he can talk to the coaches on the sidelines about strategy. Kind of like a cheap time out if used properly. Announcer during the Lions' game...."It's 3rd down and a Walmart parking lot" and it was.
  10. Went to the optometrist for the first time in 3 years. Bought new glasses and sun glasses, and it was only $800 bucks. That was with decent insurance. Being poor and trying to take care of yourself must be very depressing.
  11. Can one exist solely on sweet corn ? I just had 3 for lunch. It's like eating candy. 10 ears for two bucks. lol....what a steal !
  12. ^ ^ Does Alan know about that raccoon living on his head ? I look forward to seeing this as I do all Zep releases, but expecting anything new would be like a long-time hardcore fan getting excited about the "Mothership" release or "Early Days/Latter Days". There's only so much new under the Sun. I hope it's well done, and I look forward to seeing a theatrical release, even if it's limited. I bought the DVD, yet still saw the edited version twice at the show. Meeting up with other Led-heads before and after in the lobby was one of the best parts of the experience.
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