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  1. No Charlie no Stones....said Mick Jagger 15-20 years ago. I still agree with him.
  2. ^ ^ Me too. It's time for Darwin to take over. Sarah Palin & Ted Nugent were introduced, and they've been awful quiet ever since. I actually know a former H.S. classmate who lost her Father a month ago, and she died 4 weeks later. The rest of the family still refuses to get vaccinated. You can't fix stupid. I'm curious how people can rationalize a life expectancy drop of 1.5 years from a fake virus, but that's why they call it 'culling the herd'.
  3. I always chuckle when Bob Uecker tells the story of the post-game interview. Bird didn't want to do it, but his veteran teammates like Staub & Horton kept teasing him in the clubhouse, telling him they're gonna pay you ! So when he came out, he looked right at Eucker and asked, "Hey...do I get paid for this ?" Eucker rolled his eyes and said, "Yeah kid...don't worry about it...we'll send you something in the mail". Eucker didn't understand that as a 10th round pick and only being on the major league roster for 4 weeks making the minimum, Bird was broke. He had sent his only checks home to his parents. My Tigers are playing well. Hopefully we've turned the corner and the worst is behind us.
  4. Doing my annual wash, rubbing compound (where needed), and wax on Mighty Moe (my truck)). 15 years old, 188,000 miles, and still going strong. Haven't had a car payment in 11 years. As Dad used to say, "If you're middle class or lower and you don't have a car payment, you're living high !" Never more true than when you're retired. 'Wax on Wax off' is still a great workout....even when you're old.
  5. 45 years ago tonight I was a 16 year old kid sitting down the upper deck 1st baseline in Tiger Stadium watching Mark The Bird Fidrych beat the Yankees. The rest of the nation watched on Monday Night Baseball, and he was no longer ours. He was a flash in the pan, but no fluke. He was a 21 year old rookie and led the league with 24 complete games, including 5 that went into extra innings. In the modern game he would have been shut down in August. The Bird was the word in 1976, and I'll never forget him. RIP Mark !
  6. I don't believe it's any type of phenomena caused by aliens from outer space. Just my personal belief, but that would mean that we as a species are important. I don't think we are. Much more likely that we're nothing more than some type of star-stuff maggot whose job in the Universe is to gobble up, transform or use things up....water, oxygen, precious metals, etc., until it's gone. Then we move on elsewhere. I guess one could speculate they put us here just for that reason, but that doesn't follow logic. If they got here and put us here, they would already have the technology to make or create anything they want. They wouldn't need us or anything else on what is virtually nothing more than a speck of dust. Much more likely the ufos are nothing more than some type of light or energy effects that are as yet beyond our understanding. I also think it's kind of humorous that even though we have the satellite technology to read the date off a penny on the sidewalk, we just can't seem to get any clear pictures ever.
  7. Marijuana Laws in Connecticut - Medical & Recreational Laws for Cannabis prodcution, sale & use (visitconnecticut.com) State # 19 joins the 21st century.
  8. Welcome to Motown Cade Cunningham !
  9. Oh, about this fucking stupid. Dr. Tenpenney drops a dime. Conspiracy Theorists Think Covid Vaccine Makes You Magnetic - YouTube
  10. MATV....Was watching a motocross track race when two motorcycles wiped each other out on a turn. Both dudes skidded across the cement at about 60 mph like Evel Knievel at Caesar's Palace. I'm sitting wondering if both riders are seriously injured, and in a split second they both jump up, sprint full speed, hop back on their motorcycles and continue racing like nothing happened. Some of the series episodes were damn goofy, but that first one with the vampire was excellent. I still have that on VHS. Right up there with the original "Salem's Lot" with James Mason...."Back Shaman, Back !"
  11. Possible others.... Animal House Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind Blues Brothers Forrest Gump Christmas Story Once Upon a Time in Hollywood....at least according to this site !
  12. Anyone over the age of 50 or so has a dime sized scar on their left arm from receiving a small pox vaccination. 'Imagine if you will' if the covid vaccine left a scar on your arm. Can you imagine the wusses of today having to deal with that ? "I won't get the vaccine because I don't want to scar my body" "It's the mark of the devil" "I don't want to ruin my Tat" "That mark is your body trying to reject Bill's chip" My Dad was born in 1930 and never learned to swim because of polio. He wasn't alone. Many people felt public bathing was a cause of contracting the disease.. As bad as polio was, it only infected 30 - 40,000 people a year in the U.S. Yet look at the steps and campaign this nation took at that time to eradicate the disease. Although gone from the U.S. for 30 years, polio is not yet totally eradicated around the world. Why ? Because after 30 years of effort, there are still small pockets of unvaccinated people in isolated areas. Unfortunately covid-19 won't be any different.....for the same reason plus healthy doses of arrogance, ignorance, stupidity, and the internet.
  13. Nowhere, and never do. Just like you I live in a State with a 8-12 week Summer. Why go anywhere else ? I also stay home for all three Summer holidays (Memorial, the 4th, and Labor day). Let the fools drive up North and sit in a 5 hour traffic jam. Not interested, and I've done it all before when I was young and stupid. My trips always occur after Labor Day when the kids are back in school. Nat'l Parks are less crowded, only a 1/3 of the people on the road, cheaper hotels, and cheaper gas. The less people the better I like it. I still daydream and muse about the day I had in Yellowstone 3 years ago in September. Left Jackson Hole in the early morning, headed into Yellowstone, and didn't see another car on the road for at least a half hour. I had the feeling the entire park was mine. That's my idea of awesome, and during the last year I've pondered how long it will be until I get to do that again under the same conditions, if ever. Retirement was the best 5 years of my life until it was rudely interrupted by everyone else. Time to stop the incentives to not work. And they will, because most people are stupid. Hey, let's overpay for an RV and go sit it in an overcrowded, over-priced campground where your noisy rude neighbor is twice as close as your neighbor at home. Sounds like a winner !!
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