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  1. Picked up a new tv yesterday with all the bells & whistles. Installation was grand until it came to hooking up my Blu-ray player. I couldn't get the HDMI hook-up to work for the life of me ! Then I remembered the age-old trick of unplug & re-plug....DUH ! I'm so electronically lost now that I had no idea Samsung & Sony were stopping Blu-ray player production. How can you watch the Zep DVDs without one ?
  2. "Orange the Baptist" has once again whistled to his loyal evangelical followers. Rejoice !....and just in time for the 'Blessing of the Masks'. Credit cards will now be accepted in lieu of cash. Could someone spray some WD-40 on the Federalist teeter-totter ? That squeak is getting very annoying.
  3. ^ ^ You're welcomed to have some of ours. We even made the news in your neck of the woods. Yesterday could only be described as a tropical monsoon. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8336753/Flooding-hits-parts-Midwest-evacuations-Michigan.html
  4. That's actually very consistent with other U.S. health data rankings....49th in life expectancy, 61st in maternal health, and 37th overall. Now if we could just eliminate the 49 - 51% of the U.S. population that are minorities, the poor, the obese, the physically and mentally challenged, the U.S. rankings would be much higher. That ideology is right up there with...…. "If we didn't do any testing, we'd have very few cases" ~ The Stable Genius
  5. I was musing to myself as to how the U.S. was going to resolve the educational system for the K - 12 group in the Fall, especially in urban areas. It would seem that some kind of combination of distance learning and limited classroom meetings would be the best fit. Distance learning would be easier to accomplish if students were still meeting together with an instructor at least a couple times a week, or a few hours each day. Smaller contact groups could still keep social distancing in place as needed, depending on location. It would also allow for distance learning to be in place if a 2nd wave occurred. However, this would still present a logistical problem for families with two working parents on the same shift. Just my personal opinion, but the thought of jamming 25 -30 kids together in a classroom for 7 hours a day is a pipe-dream for urban areas that have already experienced heavy outbreaks of the virus. Don't trust Trump's opinion of our rosy future towards the virus, but I really don't appreciate "The Winter of Death" guy's view either. "A second wave" can't occur unless we get a break from the first. One day and wave at a time !
  6. By WW2, it was pretty well documented that Henry Ford was a senile old man. He spent most of his time living in the past in his own self-created Neverland ranch, which is now Greenfield Village & the Henry Ford Museum. The company's upper management was in such disarray at the time that it was the government that initiated bringing in his grandson, Henry Ford II, who was serving as an ensign in the Navy. Henry Sr. & his appointed cronies (Harry Bennet & crew) tried their best to circumvent the government and Henry Ford II's appointment. This was all resolved by a woman...Henry's wife Clara. After watching her husband & Bennet's crew mentally abuse her only son Edsel Ford for years, she had had enough, and wasn't going to watch the same happen to her grandson. She, at the prompting of her widowed daughter-in-law Eleanor Ford and the government, stepped in to company business for the first and only time, slapped her husband across the head, and he and his appointed cronies lost control of his own company to "Hank the Deuce", who went on to head the company for another 35 years.
  7. Oh no biggie. He's alright...we all have our moments during this mess, and he's allowed his. Besides I'm a little brother and still take abuse quite well. Hope things work out at your end. Watching the latest freedom rally from Lansing. Probably just my twisted sense of humor, but there's something unmanly about dressing in a paramilitary outfit with an AR-15 while you're holding an umbrella. Mother nature wins again.
  8. Probably more relevant than 60's beach shots, movies, & K-Pop. Now go fuck yourself
  9. Went golfing yesterday for the first time this year. 2 people per cart was allowed, but one person had to walk at all times. Not knowing what to expect, and in the spirit of being prepared for anything, I wore my mask from the car to the clubhouse. Every employee had a mask, yet I was the only golfer to wear one. Stupid people. Only one person allowed in the clubhouse at a time, and that was just to pay, and only by credit card. Once we got to the first tee I took my mask off and never wore it again until I was leaving. Felt good to be out there !! Also got our flyover from the Blue Angels as we golfed, which was pretty neat. I saw two carts with a plexiglass divider, which is the end plan. Problem right now is plexiglass is in short supply due to demand. No alcohol or food available. I missed my hotdog at the turn...I was hungry !
  10. Wow....what fun ! This is for all the stupid people, Thinkin' the virus will pass them by. Don't give up until you, drink from the corona cup, by riding that death plane in the sky. If I had to travel, I think I'd rather drive, stop at Wal-Mart, buy a tent, a sleeping bag, and shit & piss in the nearby woods until I reached my destination...but hey, that's just me.
  11. https://www.bbc.com/news/entertainment-arts-52601228 R.I.P. Richard.
  12. Had the Y-pipe on my truck exhaust literally blow to pieces. Even blew out the o2 sensor. Had a hard time finding someone to do the work. Finally stumbled on a shop that was open, but on a cash-only basis. Told the guy, "I get it....you're the muffler dispensary !" Dropped it off and rode my bike home 6 miles in a windy 34 degrees, but mission accomplished. Day to day...ready for the next curve-ball.
  13. Started to binge watch "House", and was enjoying it. However after about 5 episodes the hospital crap started getting to me. It's not really a good time to watch people bleeding from unusual orifices, having seizures, and suffering from unknown maladies. Watched both "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" & "Black Panther". Glad I didn't pay to see either. Really liked "Knives Out" though.
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