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  1. New England Tampa Bay Seattle Kansas City Washington Minnesota New Orleans Baltimore L.A. Rams Atlanta Denver Dallas L.A. Chargers Green Bay
  2. Seattle W Cincinnati Tennessee Chicago New Orleans Minnesota Philly Baltimore New England Carolina Houston L.A. Chargers Dallas Kansas City San Francisco
  3. 10 years have got behind you, no one told you when to run....you've missed the starting gun.
  4. Green Bay L Atlanta New England Kansas City Indy L.A. Chargers NY Giants Baltimore Houston L.A. Rams Seattle Chicago Denver Dallas Pittsburgh
  5. Strider....Please double-check last week's records. I'm pretty sure I was 10-6 and not 11-5. Thanks. Jacksonville L Buffalo Dallas Green Bay Atlanta Kansas City Minnesota New England Philly (The last time the Lions played in Philly was the snow bowl 6 years ago....what a fun game to watch ! Stafford was talking about how the Eagles defensive linemen threw snow all over the ball at the line of scrimmage when the refs weren't looking. I'll always remember Calvin Johnson coming up with a face-mask totally packed with snow after a catch.) Arizona Tampa Bay Houston San Fran New Orleans L.A. Rams Chicago
  6. Carolina L San Francisco L.A. Chargers (toss-up, but Bosa against useless and now injured Decker should tell the tale) Green Bay Tennessee New England NY Giants Pittsburgh Dallas Baltimore Houston Kansas City Chicago L.A. Rams Philly Cleveland
  7. Apparently this spider on the local bike trail enjoys it's tunes.
  8. Bong-Man

    2019 NFL Thread

    The biggest laugh I got this week was thinking of those poor Oakland Coliseum groundsmen that have to convert that field to 1968 division 2 standards every home game. C'mon Man ! No wonder they're moving !! I had to modify my Lion season prediction to 3-12-1. We tied the first week so you could write those 1s ALL season long !
  9. Hmm....That's not going to work unless I get some lights. It's in the 80's sunny and humid today, but that ain't gonna last. Your grow looks just about the size I need for my free closet space. All in due time. "Money for nothin' and your weed for free" How long did that grow before you cut back to 12/12 lighting ?
  10. All things considered, not bad at all. It's got some nice fragrant icing, and it doesn't smell like homegrown or lawn clippings. If it turns out to be harsh or lack oomph, I'll just make my first batch of Bong-man butter. It's not as tall as it looks....it's sitting on a kitchen chair for optimal morning light. After Noon I stick it on the back deck. We're right about at 12/12 light in the Great White North, so I'm letting it be. Going on my annual road trip at the end of the month, so I'm hoping to harvest in 2-3 weeks. Just starting to get some pistil color change, and the tops are filling in nicely. Honestly, quite an enjoyable learning experience.
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