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  1. Thank-you everyone. Not only did I win the pool this year, I also correctly predicted the Lions at 3 wins. I'm still smiling at the Washington pick. Not a writer, sportscaster, or talking head in town picked that one. Still laughing at the Green Bay fans in Ford Field holding signs with her picture...."Long Live Martha Ford !" A fitting end to yet another embarrassing season for the worst franchise in professional sports. Meow ! Thank-you as always Strider for all you do.
  2. Buffalo Cleveland New Orleans Green Bay Kansas City Minnesota New England Tampa Bay Philly Dallas Indy Baltimore Tennessee Denver L.A. Rams San Fran
  3. Houston New England San Fran Atlanta Baltimore New Orleans Indy Miami Pittsburgh NY Giants Denver L.A. Chargers Dallas Seattle Kansas City Minnesota
  4. ^ ^ Whew ! And that's what happens when I visit the local micro-brewery.
  5. Hmmm.....So for the first time in at least 20 years I threw on Hole's "Garbage" cd ( after listening to a round of "Live" for the first time since prolly 1999, it was a natural thing to do). I ended up thinking the same thing now as when it came out...this is awesome ! Nasty, dirty women that were asking for it just like you. No me too 'Garbage' here ! After a fresh listen, Courtney deserves some historical rock & roll respect in my opinion, corporate sponsored or not.
  6. Baltimore W New England Tampa Bay Green Bay Tennessee Kansas City NY Giants Philly Seattle Oakland Cleveland Minnesota L.A. Rams San Fran Buffalo New Orleans
  7. Dallas (Mitch Trubisky has thrown 13 touchdown passes this year, but 6 of those were against the Lions. That means he's really averaging a TD pass every two weeks.) Atlanta Baltimore Cleveland Green Bay Minnesota New Orleans NY Jets Tampa Bay Houston L.A. Chargers Tennessee New England Pittsburgh Seattle Philly
  8. Bong-Man

    2019 NFL Thread

    Congrats to the Bung-holes....As bad as they are, the worst professional team in sports deserves to stand alone.
  9. Chicago W Dallas L New Orleans W NY Jets Indy Pittsburgh Philly Green Bay Carolina Tampa Bay Baltimore L.A. Rams L.A. Chargers Kansas City Houston Seattle
  10. High School...…..That era in everyone's life when people confused popularity with having a brain.
  11. Lost power from Wednesday afternoon until Thanksgiving morning. I didn't have any cooking responsibilities, so I just rolled with it....until about 9pm Wednesday night. Power was restored at that time, just got everything back in synch, took off the extra layers of clothes I was wearing, sat down to watch the tube, and the power went out again for another 4 hours. That really pissed me off ! lol Needless to say, most of the local news on Thanksgiving centered around people packing up their turkeys and food stuff and relocating to relatives that had power. So today will be spent throwing out the contents of the fridge and restocking. What pissed me off the most was having to toss the 8 Nestle's nutty buddy cones I just bought for holiday snacks.
  12. Bong-Man

    2019 NFL Thread

    Magician David Blaine....er Blough, starting for the Lions today. https://www.freep.com/videos/sports/nfl/lions/2019/09/13/detroit-lions-david-blough-magic-tricks/2305685001/
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