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  1. I've never had a fear of needles....not even a thought. But if I did, I sure wouldn't want to watch any newscasts in the last couple of months. Do I really need to see 20-30 people getting jabbed for 5 minutes on every broadcast ? I imagine some little kids might be a little freaked by constant 'needle porn', let alone the adults that won't admit to such. And I wonder how many of those adults that are afraid of needles, actually got that fear by laying in a dentist's chair with a giant one entering your mouth, as opposed to any a medical doctor might inject in your arm.
  2. Same to you & yours Brother. Saved some Platinum OG Kush just for the occasion. Today is also 2 weeks past the 2nd shot, so I've got 2 reasons to celebrate.
  3. I never mentioned religion, religious beliefs, communism, the revolutionary war, the civil war or why it was fought, liberals or conservatives, the capitol riots, who won the election, or any of the other banned nonsense you decided to rave about. I also didn't mention or quote you in my post. My point was towards the pending legal aspects of being vaccinated or not vaccinated. Since schools currently mandate vaccinations, I'm going to use logic to say that adding one more to the list isn't going to be much of a legal struggle. The Buffalo Bills recently announced they're planning on a
  4. That trade wasn't good for the Lions.....it was great ! In fact, I think it was the best trade they've made in my lifetime. Stafford wanted out, and they got more than enough draft capital to warrant making the deal. They have their own 7th pick this year, and I wouldn't be surprised if they traded down further for more picks. The only thing they need to accomplish with this year's #1 pick after the Stafford trade is to find a solid starter. There's so many holes it really doesn't matter where. Goff aside, they would be foolish to take a QB in this draft. The Lions are in a 3 year rebui
  5. RIP Alex So who has been your favorite temporary host ? I'm going to have to go with Executive Producer Mike Richards. The show seemed to have the same flavor and pace when he was hosting. Nothing flashy, and more of a continuation of Alex's show. Katie Couric did nothing for me. Dr. Oz was surprisingly tolerable. Aaron Rodgers is growing on me. I sure like him better as a tv host as opposed to my most hated quarterback, but his presentation is a bit dry. Ken Jennings did a good job, but he has the potential to inadvertently say something stupid at any time. Thoughts...opinio
  6. Hey Chillum.....family & friends are safe. Hope yours are too. Golf & weed.....'they're still essential !
  7. Thanks Walter....The fun is just beginning. Wait until private businesses and then schools mandate a vaccine in the Fall. The idiots are gonna hit the fan. Their freedoms will suddenly be defined by what was ours.....'their freedom to stay away'.
  8. Shatter, resin, rosin, sugar....indica, sativa, & hybrids....shake, tops, & pre-rolls......candies, gummies. cookies, pills, & drinks. Prices are slowly dropping as more dispensaries open. When the people of bloody-red Montana & South Dakota vote for legalization, the road ahead becomes obvious. "What a Wonderful World !" I see buds of green....red hairs too. I bought this 1/8th...for me & you, and I think to myself...what a wonderful world. Satchmo knew...
  9. Hemingway on PBS. What's amazing is how many of his stories I've read without really wanting to, especially the short stories read in H.S. that I had completely forgotten about.
  10. All Pfizered up ! No side effects, and hasn't really changed much that I do. Michigan is on covid fire at the moment....again ! We're featuring the British variant this time...coming soon to a place near you. The same restaurants & bars in my immediate area that violated the last shutdown, now have to shut down on their own due to infections. That includes my favorite pizzeria that only had curbside pickup. The whole family is infected with no one left to cook the pies.
  11. https://www.freep.com/in-depth/entertainment/music/brian-mccollum/2020/07/12/marvin-gayes-whats-going-on-50th-protests/5397442002/ Marvin Gaye's 'What's Going On' still relevant and revealing, 50 years on “What’s Going On,” crafted in a season of unease, persists as a backdrop to another heated summer, half a century later, when the world feels upside down. Brian McCollum, Detroit Free Press6:00 a.m. EDT July 12, 2020 Fifty years ago this summer, vibrating with agitation and energy, Marvin Gaye headed down the wood steps into a Detroit studio and m
  12. https://www.freep.com/story/entertainment/movies/2020/06/30/suzi-q-quatro-documentary-watch-stream-detroit-freep-film-fest/3279820001/
  13. 60 games ? Maybe Miquel Cabrera can finish a season. NAH !
  14. Near 90 degrees with low humidity all week. Time to bring out the razor for the annual military buzz.
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