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  1. Someone bought me a bottle of this during the Holidays. I later realized they sponsor the Kentucky Derby every year. Makes sense because it tastes like horse piss to me. I'll never understand how someone can willingly drink this crap. I'd rather down some home made white lightning.
  2. Here's a text I received last night from a golfer in my Monday mini-league...... "Hey guys...I tested positive for Covid BUT I feel fine. Would you guys mind if I play tomorrow ? If not I totally understand. I figure I would ask." Considering half the guys I golf with are over 70, I won't bore you with their obvious replies to this gentleman. Even though his question is misplaced, I appreciate his honesty towards us about his condition. I would just like to use this as an example of my position during this whole pandemic episode. It's not the virus or the vaccines I'm afraid of....it's stupid f*cking people !! I can give you several incidents where someone I know was faced with the same problem that kept their positive test to themselves and decided to attend public events, parties, travel, etc., without telling anyone. I don't care about your age, your health, your religion or which way you lean politically. If you pull a stunt like that during a pandemic, you're nothing but a self-centered human piece of shit.
  3. Watched the 4th quarter of last night's game with my morning coffee. A most excellent game. One thing no one ever brings up is when you use your 2nd string QB for a play, your starter not only gets a breather, but he can talk to the coaches on the sidelines about strategy. Kind of like a cheap time out if used properly. Announcer during the Lions' game...."It's 3rd down and a Walmart parking lot" and it was.
  4. Went to the optometrist for the first time in 3 years. Bought new glasses and sun glasses, and it was only $800 bucks. That was with decent insurance. Being poor and trying to take care of yourself must be very depressing.
  5. Can one exist solely on sweet corn ? I just had 3 for lunch. It's like eating candy. 10 ears for two bucks. lol....what a steal !
  6. ^ ^ Does Alan know about that raccoon living on his head ? I look forward to seeing this as I do all Zep releases, but expecting anything new would be like a long-time hardcore fan getting excited about the "Mothership" release or "Early Days/Latter Days". There's only so much new under the Sun. I hope it's well done, and I look forward to seeing a theatrical release, even if it's limited. I bought the DVD, yet still saw the edited version twice at the show. Meeting up with other Led-heads before and after in the lobby was one of the best parts of the experience.
  7. And if you actually believed this, I think the most appropriate and efficient thing one could do to attain salvation would be to continually spend 'the end of days' posting on the website of an over 40 year dead rock n' roll band frequented by a handful of people. Surely God's work and the path to salvation lies right here.
  8. The over/under on Detroit Lions wins this year is 5.5. I'd take that under bet in a heartbeat. I'd make another one , a lottery longshot. The Lions are + 2500 to go 0-17. I'd take that bet too. Remember, the losing floor has now been expanded with a 17 game schedule. We have new depths to explore, and must again separate ourselves from the pack. I predict Goff will be destroyed by game 5, and David Blough will 'lead' us to losing knee-gnawing infamy. The Lions and The Texans are the only teams that offer any 0-17 odds.
  9. Below that storm is Summer. Above is Fall. It's going to get interesting around dinner time.
  10. Sorry to hear this. Your Mom needs you....take care of yourself ! Kids are back in school, Summer is over, and the extra unemployment bennies have run out. Back to work people !
  11. Ah, but that's the rub isn't it John ? If you're a bitter American educated foreign Nationalist who starts an economic contrarian website because he got busted for inside trading, and then fails on just about every economic prediction for a decade, thus causing anyone silly enough to listen to miss out on the largest stock rally of all-time, I guess it's time to focus on a new issue to generate some good old-fashioned conservative fear. Keep reading. They'll be right eventually, just like a broken clock.
  12. At this point, I'm not sure which is more sadly humorous....The supposed Internet influencers related to the pandemic. or the supposed all knowing Internet Zep influencers expressing their disappointment over the content of the new movie. "If only I were in charge...." I know one thing....I'm sure glad I didn't listen to sites like Zero Hedge for my financial advice the last 10-12 years or so. I'd still be working in the salt mine waiting for the sky to fall like Peter Schiff.
  13. I get quite a chuckle when I watch FOX news every time they start a rant about 'mainstream media'. Considering that Hannity & Tucker are consistently the highest watched shows on cable tv, that makes you the mainstream media. Personally I think the whole cycle of news reporting has now come full circle. I flipped between ABC & NBC last night at 6:30pm for the first time in ages, and pretty much didn't hear one opinion from anybody in a half-hour. I also like when Lester Holt ends his show with...."Please take care of yourself and each other". Go ahead and laugh, but I think he really means it.
  14. Toto ?.....Night Ranger ?.....Mr. Christian ?
  15. Paid off my condo today 8 years early. THAT my friends, is a reason to party !!!
  16. Joe Rogan knows horses. He knows cows too. MOOOOOO !! "Go right to the source and ask the horse, He'll give you the answer that you endorse" Never mind what the FDA tells you. More importantly, don't listen to the manufacturer of the drug that would stand to make a profit from it's use. Three stomps of a hoof, a bale of hay, and some Internet misinformation is all that's needed. Approved vaccines bad....Animal de-wormer good ! Masks work..... Study of 340,000 people in Bangladesh finds that masks ARE effective at preventing spread of Covid - Republican Times USA
  17. Six months to give the Producer a good vetting and they couldn't pull it off. Let's give Cuomo a try....he's looking for a new gig.
  18. I have some questions about the booster shot situation. I understand why some immuno-compromised people would need another shot for various reasons. As an example, it's now well-documented that folks taking some biological drugs like Embrel or Humira are compromising the long-term effects of the vaccine. That makes sense. However there seems to be a lack of data as to who should get a booster shot or not. What if I got both shots of the Pfizer vaccine, and 3 months later caught a mild-breakthrough case.....maybe one I didn't even recognize I had because of the two shots ? How does my level of anti-bodies compare to someone who got both shots and never had Covid ?....or someone who didn't have any vaccine, but survived a severe case ? Is this booster shot going to be modified in any way from the first two ? Will it be adjusted/modified for the variants ? Or is it just the same shot. So I guess what I'm asking is doesn't there reach a time where this becomes a personal diagnosis for need, as opposed to an across the board necessary booster ? On a personal level, I would like to know my anti-body level before receiving a booster.
  19. Congrats to Miguel Cabrera on his 500th homer. He's 45 hits away from 3,000. After a slow Spring, he's hit .300 since June 1st, and has been a big part of our unexpected climb towards .500. The Tigers have two major problems to solve in their rebuild....2nd base & shortstop. The way these young pitchers are performing, we should have some trade bait to solve those problems.
  20. He also caught Mickey Lolich, in more ways than one. He was also the runner-up to Mclain in the MVP voting in 1968. I don't remember if battery mates ever finished 1 & 2 in the voting in either league. I'll never get used to the new rule of someone starting out at 2nd base in extra innings. I can't tell you how many times I've thought I missed a double. 7 inning games are even worse. I certainly understand why the players like it, but in my mind they're messing with every stat ever.
  21. 90 degrees with the humidity dragon following your every step. It's right about now every year I proclaim, "Bring on Winter !"
  22. "A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood" Was never a Mr. Rogers kid, but I was kind of shocked at how good and watchable this movie was. Probably because I had such low expectations going in. Great job by Marielle Heller. "The Exception" Another good watch. Lily James.....yum ! I'm always behind, and have no problem waiting for movies to hit cable, and waiting for Winter to watch them.
  23. RIP Bill Freehan....The Tigers' catcher of my youth. A 15 year career with 11 All-Star appearances. He was the premiere catcher of his era, and an integral part of the Tigers 1968 championship team. My heart goes out to his family, as he suffered from dementia for a number of years.
  24. Wow....and the 3rd highest State population. What a coincidence. I hear the same garbage in my State towards Governor Witless. It's not a political issue. It's basically how the U.S. has always treated the elderly. Any family that had an elderly relative in such a position could have brought them home. A few did.....most didn't or couldn't. If this pandemic effected the young instead of the elderly, everyone would care. Instead we basically write them off Steve style and just go about our business. It's not our problem. You've lived a full life, now get out of our way and let us live ours. The same people bitching and complaining about this issue would have been the last ones to put on a mask if they were allowed to visit those nursing homes. Actually, they probably wouldn't have shown up at all. In the end, it didn't matter if they were put on a cruise ship, put in an empty school, or a make-shift hospital parking garage. We would have ended up in the same place with the same problems. Events like pandemics and natural catastrophes always expose weaknesses in society's supposed safety nets. We expected ambulance drivers to transport covid patients without a vaccine or health care. We expected under-paid nursing home staff to do the same. The examples are endless and cross every political spectrum. That's because it's not political....it's a moral reflection of American society.
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