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  1. i'm 20... i started getting into led zeppelin when i was 12. i heard stairway to heaven with my dad on the radio in the car one day, and liked what i heard. he was enjoying it too, so i asked him what it was. when we got home, he busted out led zeppelins discography on vinyl and instantly opened my mind!!
  2. i really loved when you said that Jason has been waiting by the Zep-phone for years! i feel that i've also been waiting by the zep-phone... but they weren't going to be calling to ask me to play with them... they'd be calling to invite me to a reunion show that wasn't across the ocean! THE OCEAN that great one that divides me from them. sigh. i'm just praying and praying and praying for AT LEAST a US tour (i live in canada) i'm a mere twenty years old and seeing them live would just make my entire life! i imagine that if i ever saw them, i'd just sob the entire time, and not be able
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