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    Music....=] erm.... football, cricket, guitar =] -xo
  1. Favourite Song is hard. erm... Gallows Pole, Tangerine, Achilles Last Stand or In The Evening. Album, Led Zeppelin I. (:
  2. That was exactly what I thought when I bought Mothership... Where is How Many More Times? Haha
  3. D'yer Ma'ker I love that song (: Erm.. I don't know, I don't think I have a least favourite song. I can just put on any Zeppelin album and have the whole thing play... (:
  4. ive heard jimmy's been hinting at it... omg guys come on! this has to happen! i really want to see them, my only other option is creating a time machine and going back to the 70's! lol. they soo have to tour, im excited now
  5. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How could they do that?
  6. Well anyway, he can obviously play it coz we have been proven on numerious occasions live. And you get some weird people claiming they did this and that so It sooo wont be true.
  7. well i watched this thing on tv it was VH1 Classic top 10 guitarists of all time and Jimmy was 1!
  8. Mine is after Mothership and I have an obsession with saying "M'dearie" haha so combine them together and there you have it
  9. yeah it was alway "i am the traveller of all time and space" i thought wow! haha
  10. Kashmir! but before that Babe I'm Gonna Leave You, especially live
  11. wow this is soo weird, in my school its like if you like Zeppelin your like the coolest thing going which annoys me coz i obviously dont do that. mm....
  12. Nirvana? I like some of their songs, but dude! they are sooo over-rated. I was watching something on a music channel, 20 most influential bands ever. Zeppelin weren't even in it and guess who won? Nirvana. Im sorry but who want to be influenced by a band that are only famous coz the lead singer (R.I.P Kurt) killed himself. I love Led Zeppelin so they influence me alot. Their music has more range. Like e.g erm... Kashmir has all these epic sounds whereas Stairway is very meaningful and then... erm.. Communication breakdown (so under-rated) is very hard rocky and Dyer Maker is very soulful.
  13. oh haha yeah i saw this site. Pretty stupid. but i guess its no doubt that Pagey is into this stuff, and some of the lyrics in songs are a bitty, i dunno, some people may say 'satanic' or whatever. Im kinda one of those people who gets obsessed with the whole band and NEEDS to find out more so if this is them then ok thats fine, im not gonna stop liking them lol.
  14. Kashmir is a babe! It is totally under-rated like so much. Maybe not so much to Led Zeppelin fans, but you can hardly turn on the radio and expect to hear the legend that is Kashmir
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