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  1. Thanks Magic and all who posted photos. I was not able to purchase the book due to its incredible high cost. $$$ Maybe he'll reprint this in paperback some day for us less fortunate! Thanks again!!
  2. Finally a review from Saturday's show: http://blogs.houstonpress.com/rocks/2010/07/saturday_night_robert_plant_ba.php Maid
  3. Here I am Gigi! Very nice meeting you the other night. I thought the show and set list was Fantastic! The reworking of the Led Zep songs were wonderful. I can't seem to find any reviews of the show in the online papers. Anyways, it was weird, wacky weather and the lightning and wind just seem to add to the ambiance of the show. We Houstonians missed him and Alison Krauss due to Hurricane Ike so I'm glad the weather didn't halt this show. By the way - loved Marco the drummer! And Robert looked very fit. Just a really great night and he left us wanting more. And more. And m
  4. Going to the show on Saturday. 2nd row, baby! Can't wait. If my photos come out halfway decent, I'll post them. I usually have the "shakey shakey" hands when I get too close to Robert or Jimmy. lol, Maid
  5. I received an email today from Genesis. I guess they haven't sold out of the 2150 collector copies yet. So they are adding more photos/manuscript and delaying the shipping date to September. I'm gonna say they delay it once more. It may come out with Jimmy's new music due to be released this year! (just pickin') Maid
  6. Just watched this movie again. Love it. Now I've read that Glenn Frey of the Eagles is who Cameron Crowe based the Russell Hammond character on. I don't see it. Maybe the Jeff BeBe character (lead singer) but not the Russell character who is lead guitarist. That is sooooo Jimmy Page in my humble opinion. Any thoughts? Sorry if this has been discussed before. Maid
  7. Whoops. Sorry to include your link in my snark. Could it be Fleetwood Mac? http://www.reuters.com/article/musicNews/i...E4B281020081203 Maid
  8. Isn't he busy playing Renaissance Festivals? Him and "me lady" just got married recently. He's very busy. Maid
  9. Wow - I was a HUGE fan of Journey back in 1983. Rushed the stage at the Houston Summit - those guys were on fire back then. I must say - Jimmy really has aged better than Neal. Yikes. Jon Cain isn't looking too bad though... Maid
  10. Met Jimmy backstage at a JimmyPage/BlackCrowes concert in Holmdel, NJ Met Robert in London at the wonderful Helter Skelter (RIP) Bookshop. Side note - visited Roy Harper at his house in Ireland. Talked ad nauseum about how close he was to Led Zep. Maid
  11. So I received this email from Amazon today: <<Your Amazon Alerts Availability Alert We're happy to inform you that the items you requested are now available to order from Amazon.com! Books Robert Plant (Paperback) Availability: Temporarily out of stock. Order now and we'll deliver when available. We'll e-mail you with an estimated delivery date as soon as we have more information. Your account will only be charged when we ship the item. Ships from and sold by Amazon.com.>> So they alerted me that Yes the book is printed and available to order. And NO they do not
  12. ...ANYWAY... back to Texas fans... Houston fan right here. Have Car, Will Travel. Maid
  13. I just know if they did do a residency, that I'd have to book a hotel room or flat for those nights/weeks that they would play in a city. I wouldn't be satisfied with just one night. I'd want 'em all. Or at least a handful of nights. ((I'm greedy that way)) And I think a lot of other people would be right along with me. I have **GOT** to start saving some money. This may be an expensive year. Maid
  14. Speaking of scariest thing... how does Ross Halfin get away with posting some of his diary entries on his website about Jimmy? I mean, I know they are friends and Ross is always saying "Jimmy, my asst." etc., and I'm sure Jimmy knows Ross is posting all of this... but some of it is a little personal. I mean, Jimmy is so private. And some of the photos are of Jimmy in private moments. I don't know, I was going thru Ross's site yesterday and reading about JIMMY's life for the past few years. I'm not complaing - I love to live thru Ross Halfin. Closer to Jimmy that way...
  15. Hey, I just saw that last week on Amazon and wondered about it. Anyhoo, just googled and found one of the authors website: http://www.neildaniels.com/Projects.html This is what he says about the book: <<Robert Plant: Led Zeppelin, Jimmy Page & The Solo Years Publication Date: 28th February 2008 From when I commenced writing in spring, 2006 to its publication in September, 2007 it seemed like forever for Defenders Of The Faith to be published; but with my book on Robert Plant, time has flown by like a 747. Myself and IMP want the book to be slap-bang up-to-date so as
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