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  1. Slave to Zep Don't assume your leg pain is originating from your joints, it may be muscular. I have had the same symptoms with leg pain which worsened when lying down. I have found Pilates and yoga have helped tremendously with aches and pains. I started doing stretch and basic yoga along with Pilates 4 years ago and have had very good results. I am fortunate to work with a personal trainer, she stretches my hip flexors, quads and hamstrings which has relieved my leg pain. Like you, I assumed the pain was from my joints. The best advice I can give you is to try stretching under the guidance of a professional trainer either one on one or join a class. Having a MD clear you first is probably a good idea to make sure there is no joint disease. Even if you do have some arthritic changes a physician would probably clear you to do stretching with a qualified instructor.
  2. Deborah, Thanks so much for posting these songs. They sound fantastic! I have tickets to see them in January, can't wait!
  3. Henrik, Thanks so much for posting this since those of us in the U.S. have been unable to use the BBC site to view it.
  4. lynn

    MOJO Robert Plant

    Hi all, I haven't posted here for a long tme. My comment is regarding the most recent point in this thread about whether RP would be as successful if he had not been in Zep. I have to agree with Knebby here when she makes the point about not knowing whether he would have been successful without Zep or whether Zep would have been successful without him. None of us can say with any certainty. I will say this, alot of the musical compositions in Zep were very complex, if any of us would even try to just play the music and try to sing these songs (having the advantage of hearing them for years) we would soon realize just how difficult it would be to do. Now imagine RP having to write lyrics to these songs and find a way to sing them that made sense and made the whole thing come across to audiences, not an easy thing to do. Because we have heard this music over and over again for 30 years it takes something away from the tremendous contribution on Plant's part. We've just heard it so many times that we take it for granted. When I first heard Immigrant Song back in the early 70's I remember hearing him wailing at the very beginning of the song and thinking, " Who the F**k is this guy!" I had never heard anyone sing like that. I don't think Plant owes Page anything. I think they are both thankful that they found each other.
  5. I would assume that the tickets advanced to music industry people are given with the understanding that they will make donations to the charity in return for the tickets.
  6. Sorry, again.... still having trouble with posting. Re: Robert's reply about Hotdog, I recall him specifically saying Audrey's name while imitating a Southern accent.
  7. Sorry, my answer ended up in the quote box, guess I haven't figured out how to use the new features on the forum as of yet!
  8. Kentuckygirl, how lucky for you to go to the Ryman for another great show! Great musicians, I would love to see this show but doubt I will get the chance.
  9. You're Welcome! Now if we can just get Knebby up in that loft of hers to dig out some more pics.....
  10. BUMP Danny Goldberg, Publicist/Swan Song President Photo: posted by Miss Pamela from RO Goldberg was hired by Led Zeppelin through the prestigious PR firm of Solters, Roskin and Sabinson. Goldberg was in charge of the firm's rock n roll division. He began working for the band in 1973, a few months after the release of LZ's 5th album, Houses of the Holy. The band were due to start a US tour in May of 1973 and wanted better press. Goldberg was in his early 20's and very much in touch with the current US music scene and business. He was young and experienced, had hair longer than the band's members, was a vegetarian, he did not smoke or drink alcohol. He was quickly accepted by the band members. Interesting side note, Goldberg had once written for Rolling Stone magazine and he was able to use that experience to suggest ways that LZ could navigate around the magazine in order to get better press from them. He developed an effective strategy for interviews and press releases for the upcoming US tour after the HOTH release. In 1974 Swan Song was launched and Goldberg was hired away from Solters, Roskin and Sabinson to run the new label from offices on Madison Ave, NYC. He continued in that position until 1976, at that time Peter Grant removed him from the US arm of the label, closed the UK operation and moved the label to Montreux, Switzerland. Goldberg recently wrote a book, "Bumping into Geniuses - My Life Inside the Rock n Roll Business" This was all the info I could find, if anyone else can add to this, please do!
  11. lynn

    Hot Pics of Robert

    Another one from the same day
  12. lynn

    Hot Pics of Robert

    Here's some more pics of the same day, I think. (the one pic posted by communication breakdown)
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