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  1. Steve McQueen shooting up the cop car in The Getaway. With Ali McGraw-who I thought was very hot in her day!
  2. My wife makes comments about men on TV. So I pay her back by putting up Maria Sharapova in a bikini on my desktop background. Hey spats, Toronto is known for being a place to pick up women. Go to Eaton Center and hang out at the coffee shops. Have a taxi drop you off at the corner of Younge and Queens. Just step over the bums sleeping in the streets.
  3. The Penguins luck is about to run out. I can see no way they can beat a battle tested Detroit team. Red Wings in 5.
  4. Another Yankees fan huh? Well you guys are going nowhere this year. Spend, Spend Spend and Lose, Lose, Lose. The Orioles are going to show up. As for you Detroit fans, I have a feeling they are going to break out tonight. If they dont soon, they could have no choice but to fire the manager.
  5. Very well put. It is a vote against Bush. Everyone wants change. Promises, promises he makes just to get into the White House. Perhaps he can get some things passed easier than Bush with a Dem congress. But in some ways that scares the hell out me. I am not going to forget about Rev Wright.
  6. Agree totally. I dont know how he ever got here. It scares me. Too many skeletons in his closet for my liking. NOBAMA.
  7. Orioles at Yankees tonight. I am hoping the Orioles can beat them while they are down. Would love nothing more than to hammer Messina tonight. Damn Yankees. Cabrera is 4-1 so maybe they can get a good one out of him.
  8. Get rid of those dancing banana's already.
  9. So I wasted a bit of space-not on purpose. But you can count the number of new topics Ive created/posted on one hand. So I at least dont bombard the board with new topics.
  10. All I am saying is he will be held to higher standards and expectations. Unfairly perhaps. But al Qaeda will turn up the bombings and violence as soon as we leave to more or less tell us we are a failure and that the whole thing was a failure.
  11. If Hillary cant pull this out somehow, what a sad day it will be for America to see it come down to McCain and Obama. It goes against all logic. How could this have happened? If you are a right wing die hard Republican you have to be sick. You have to think back and wish that Gore had gotten justice and won in 2000 and them you could have blamed all this on him and his party. But by stealing the election and with the narrow defeat of Kerry, we will all pay the price Im afraid. Many have been brainwashed by this Obama, with his promises of a quick fix that are unrealistic. Bush has caused so mu
  12. I cant take this thread. It is killing me. Soooo many hotties. Yowzer!!!
  13. Im sorry to hear this. I have lost many to death but not like this. Lets hope she is in a better place. Im sure she is!
  14. Steve. With that kind of talk, should I go get a towel for you to wrap around your head??
  15. Well gee! Lets see. Hmmm. How many dumb asses did I run into today that told me Detroit was in trouble? Hmmm. And I told them all the same thing. They will win the Cup-easily!!! Even you Detroit fans that had doubt. I am a Sabres fan, but I respect Detroit and always did. I have nothing against them. They will win. I guarantee it. Pittsburgh is not tough enough or battle tested enough to beat them. the Sabres were burned out from two long seasons. They will be back with a vengeance. Montreal will be tough too. But Detroit wins the Cup this year. Why is it so many thought San Jose would win? No
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