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  1. Steve McQueen shooting up the cop car in The Getaway. With Ali McGraw-who I thought was very hot in her day!
  2. My wife makes comments about men on TV. So I pay her back by putting up Maria Sharapova in a bikini on my desktop background. Hey spats, Toronto is known for being a place to pick up women. Go to Eaton Center and hang out at the coffee shops. Have a taxi drop you off at the corner of Younge and Queens. Just step over the bums sleeping in the streets.
  3. I cant take this thread. It is killing me. Soooo many hotties. Yowzer!!!
  4. Welcome to the Machine Pink Floyd of course the best synthesizer Ive ever heard
  5. Well the tour rumours never stop. Last week it was whitesnake. Now undisclosed sources have promted Yahoo alerts to send me a message saying 4 dates are in the works for Led Zeppelin in 2008. I am a firm believer that there SHALL be another tour. But when and where and all of that is the big question.
  6. Yeah. He is going to be the first triple crown winner in 30 yrs in my opinion. He is a monster.
  7. Well folks, tomorrow is the Preakness Stakes from Maryland. The second leg of horse racing's triple crown. Big Brown is the heavy favorite and should be. I think he will win easily. But that will make you no money just betting him to win. You will probably only get ten or twenty cents back on every two dollars wagered. To make money on this race you must hit the exacta and/or trifecta. Big Brown is number 7. So here are the exactas and trifecta numbers I am playing: 7 over 6,8,12 exacta. 7 with 8,12 with 6 trifecta. and 7 with 6,8,12, with 6,6,12 with 3 for the superfecta. For the two day daily double (todays Piimlico special and tomorrows Preakness) I am wheeling the 2,4,8 with 7 (Big Brown). This horse can win the triple crown for the first time in 30 years. 11 before him have won the first two and then lost the Belmont. But this is a special horse that can get the job done. This post is meant for only those interested in horse racing. Im not interested in being criticized and scolded by non interested members.
  8. In my opinion the movie industry has gone downhill as far as the quality of films and acting in general. They have replaced good acting with super technology and gimicks. In the old days you had to know how to act. If you go to 50 movies you might catch 2 or 3 that are good and one that is great. they are pumping out so much garbage now. And they know there are enough idiots out there that will go like lambs to the slaughter to see it. Not me.
  9. Oh what a surprize. lol. Coverdale is now denying the report and is wondering where the info came from. It was reported in the UK first according to Yahoo so it looks like there is some more idiots running around with a habit of wanting to trick us Zepp fans again. When will it stop?
  10. Just saw the Marshall Tucker band in concert. Original lead singer Doun Gray was quite "lit" on something other than beer as he put it. Chris Hicks was good on guitar (played with the Outlaws before). But David Muse was incredible on Flute and Sax. Fabulous!! Played "Heard it in a Love song", "Take the Highway", "Fire on the Mountain", and of course "Cant you See?".
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