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  1. £1.12/Litre here - £1.22/litre for diesel. Lucky we pump the stuff out of the North Sea isn't it?
  2. I like this version of Porstar Names! Mine is Suzy Shangani!
  3. Roy. My parents went for a name that wouldn't get shortened, and so far that's worked, nobody calls me R yet. I've got lots of lengthened versions though - Royboy, Royston, Leroy, Roymond, Roymondo... nobody wants to call you what you are!
  4. OMG I think your dad must be related to my wife! He didn't ever spend any time in Belgium did he? By the way - go and see the Australian Pink Floyd Show if you get the chance. they are very good!
  5. How do you pronounce 'Boise' - just in case I ever go there you understand... I think I've got to grips with 'Des Moines' already.
  6. Just too young to go and see LZ whenever I damn well pleased, I sort of made up for it by going to see Led Zep Too last weekend. (Do we discuss tribute bands on the Led Zeppelin Offical Forum?) 'Bonzo' was good (did Moby Dick with his hands), 'JPJ' was as multi-talented as the real thing, and 'Jimmy' was bloody marvellous. I think 'Robert' - although his voice was almost there - was wearing a Syrup though.
  7. Sorry if this is too late to be of any use, but I thought it would be entertaining to complete. I found that I genuinely didn't have descriptive phrases for some of them and had to think ! busy as A BEE flat as A PANCAKE hard as NAILS sly as A FOX quick as LIGHTNING fits as A BUTCHER'S DOG happy as LARRY poor as A CHURCHMOUSE hungry as A HORSE slow as A VERY SLOW THING old as METHUSELAH dull as DITCHWATER drink like A FISH work like BASTARDS (Sorry about that one - the alternative that came to mind was 'blacks' which is worse!) live like A KING s
  8. Or "rivers", but you knew what I meant.......
  9. Ten Years Gone! How often have I realised the truth of "Though the course may change sometimes, rives always reach the sea."?
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