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  1. this reminds me as 'the secret'... any one read/seen it?
  2. Hitler had a warped view on the world; he thought that through the method of war and generating irrational hatred he could develop a stronger and more wilful people, and a happier (in his view)/ utopian world. No one. Are you also suggesting that 'peace' and 'love' are virtues people no longer believe in? It seems kind of easy to look back on the past with rose tinted glasses... even the uglier times and beliefs are tainted by a rosey nostalgia after a certain amount of time. No doubt I'll look back on my youth (now), and all the bullshit things I hate about this era, like that and think it was so much better than it was... Not that I'm discrediting the hopes of the hippies in that time.. But those views aren't lost. Not that they're even 'views'... no one loves everyone, to say you do is just an outright lie. I have real and unconditional for a handful of individuals (excluding my immediate family - that's a given), and that's real... it seems love was an idea then... people liked this lovely idea of loving everyone... having a shallow affection for who they were.. and that's cute, but it's not love. Peace is great.. it's comfy. I think we need hardship in our lives though.. my generation has it too easy. We take everything for granted and live comfortable existences.. and so are prone to become insecure and develop anxieties about the most ridiculous, petty things. I see it everyday. People need to grow hair on their chests and we need hardship to do so... not necessarily war, but I think at least a period of serious strife in one's life is far more important, and valuble to us as people, than a life of complacent, petty comfort. ^^ It's for these reasons, when things were tougher and people had less and appreciated things more that I wish I was born into that generation, not the ideals of 'peace' and 'love', which at least today seem kind of redundant hippy buzzwords.
  3. HurDling. Sprinting. Jumping over fences while running. I'm a slip of a girl and I managed it at school, I'm sure Jimmy (a tall man) didn't fail entirely... he was slight but not always bulemic looking.
  4. Which Do You Prefer? Peace/Love? Hate/War? Bit of a self serving question, no? Personally I LOVE hate and war, makes for a more interesting world you see. :|
  5. i liked the film, but i think the appeal rests largely on the amount of zep references... but it's niced up a bit too much, i'd like to see a more realistic depiction of the mayhem and not twee tidbits. good film though.
  6. Little Miss


    Old pictures of myself... on holiday as a child... with old schoolfriends who I no longer see. It's like looking at a different person though, I guess now is the time in my life I'll feel nostalgic about.
  7. DO - ...allow yourself a lie-in when you deserve it. - ...eat whatever the hell you want within reason. - ...use correct grammar. DON'T - ...preach to others - ...allow petty anxieties to get the better of you.
  8. I keep dreaming that my teeth are falling out, and it's incredibly unpleasant.
  9. Little Miss

    Pet Peeves

    Students. Particularly politics students. They're just... so... wrong.
  10. Hello hello hello It's me. You know me. Or do you...
  11. I don't know if many UK people realise this... but the smoking ban is not quite as it seems.. If you're in a public building and nobody works there, you're allowed to smoke. So, theoretically, if someone opened a pub with no staff, and you could pour your own beer/wine/whatever out of a vending machine of sorts, it'd be legal... crazy eh.
  12. when they started. already met them in their autumn years, wouldn't mind meeting some giddy young english lads with long hair and lots of ambition. WYR have a beautiful face and be haauuge or a perfect body, and be average/to fugly?
  13. jupiterian, martian is so passe. wyr have no sex or BAD sex?
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