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  1. Wicked, I'll check it out. I'm mostly interested in people's accents... If I find a few minutes alone in the house and don't mind feeling like a total doof effectively talking to myself and my silent, watchful camera, I'll do one
  2. If I had the money to buy CDs, I honestly would. I love owning things, I'm materialistic that way. However, CDs are fucking ridiculously expensive. £12.99 or more for a new album - fuck that. I download music completely illegally, and I don't give a piss. Most the bands I download are mega rich anyway, and they should derive more pleasure from people listening to their music than them buying it. At least that is my excuse, and I'll maintain it is entirely valid. I will say though, my parents buy hundreds and hundreds of CDs, and they have gazillions of old vinyl stuff as well, that they're yet to buy on CD. Crazy.
  3. Guy on the left is my man... The drink I'm drinking would be homemade sex on the beach. It was far more alcoholic than it should have been, so we re-named it 'Rape on the Beach'.
  4. Black Mass: Apocolyptic Religion and the Death of Utopia, by John Gray. Light read :|
  5. Little Miss


    Yes it does indeed....trolleyed, lashed, pissed, leathered, hammered etc etc. So....ok let me get this straight. Is it ALL states in America that require you to be 21 to drink? That must be just awful, and it's completely ridiculous. You can drive a potentially lethal metal box of powe at 16 and not have a drink till you're 21. Madness. I'll go to America one day but my goodness me not till I 'come of age'.
  6. Little Miss


    Stay in, get leathered. Go out and dance, get leathered. I'm young, staying at home in sobriety is many years off.
  7. I'm gonna say I'd like to be a noblewoman of some period or other, perhaps pre-Victorian, late 1700s kinda time. Get to wear pretty dresses, lounge around, write sordid diaries and generally be a scandalous embarrassment to my family. Yes.
  8. Beautiful weather up here in sunny England. Made me smile when I got up and couldn't see because the sun glaring at me through my boyfriend's curtains. The state of his room diminished my smile. The fact I have an extremely difficult exam at 2.30pm also. Sob.
  9. Ha fair enough. I'm just plain old pale English. Tremendous.
  10. Am I completely wrong or are you....Noora....Black beauty?
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