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  1. Achilles last stand.... John Bonham even won an award for his playing in that song....
  2. My best friend and I went to a K-Mart in California with our girlfriends. My friend and I walked into the entrance, looked at each other, locked our arms together, and skipped through the store singing "We're off to see the wizard". Needless to say, we got some really strange looks from the employees, and our girlfriends were pissed.
  3. Well.... DUH!!!! I gotta remember to put my brain in gear....
  4. Quote:AND(Robert Plant) has said watching 'Song Reamains The Same' is embarrising. Actually, Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones, and John Bonham were of the same opinion.... The Song Remains The Same was an embarrassment for them. They were quoted as saying they tried to make it extravagant, and that they were more into showing off for the camera, than trying to play the music, but they were happy to be able to do the movie. As for Robert Plant not wanting to do so called "cock rock", he stopped doing that after Led Zeppelin broke up.... In his words, he grew up.... Here's a bit of trivia.... The film "The Song Remains The Same was filmed in '76, at several locations. During the tour, the band had to wear the same clothes over and over. John Paul Jones got tired of wearing the same thing every concert, and you can spot him in different clothes halfway through the movie.... Just something I thought might interest you folks....
  5. Favorite song.... It would be easier to explain the theory of relativity than it would be to pick a favorite. I love all their songs!
  6. The song is about an over the hill groupie that followed them around constantly. She would show up drunk, and interrupt the bands recording sessions. Jimmy page got even though..... He walked into the booth, picked out a homely girl that was there, and demanded that the old tart give up her seat so that the girl could sit down. The older woman sat there for a few seconds stone faced, and then got up and left, never bothering Led Zeppelin ever again.
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