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  1. Sounds almost exactly the same as the original. Nothing special really...
  2. But if so, what is John Davis mixing these days?
  3. Can you please post the link where he states the concerts were recorded? Thanks
  4. Today was an amazing day! The Led Zepp IV deluxe teaser, plus the announcements of official releases through Eagle Vision of the Doors´ Feast of Friends documentary and the Stones´ "From the vault" series with Hampton Colliseum 81. 2014 is a massive year for rock fans!
  5. I think many fans here are not complaining, but just expressing personal wishes, for what the reissues could have been/included. With no offense to anybody, it is not complaining, though. As I said earlier, maybe WE have not understood Jimmy´s view/aim for these reissues. I very much welcome them.
  6. Personally, I don´t understand why Page, who allways thought LZ at its best was LIVE, and was ment to be heard and seen LIVE, would not want to release more live stuff. Release live tapes as they are, no edits, no merging, warts and all. Enough with the perfectionism. He´s running out of time.
  7. Personally, I would have liked Jimmy to include lots of live material for these reissues, especially considering the time lapse between LZ official releases. I think Jimmy had live, unreleased material for IV (Japan 71 shows), HOTH (outakes form the 72 LA Forum and Long Beach shows, Southampton 73 and outakes form TSRTS), PG (Earls Court) Presence (some soundboard from the 77 tour), and ITTOD (Knebworth). However, maybe we must understand that this is about LZ´s STUDIO ALBUMS and not LIVE. But this is far from being a complaint, I very much wellcome these new editions and their companion disc
  8. I was pretty sure Jimmy said "visuals" would be included as well. What "visuals" are we gonna get if they are not live performances?
  9. I guess there will be no more live takes for these new editions.
  10. And thankfully, that stupid bastard who sued LZ for Stairway to heaven can go F***k himself, we will have LZ IV anyway.
  11. Great to have a preview! They are not hidden links on Amazon. But damn it! I was hoping for more live tapes! And where´s PG?
  12. A question to Sam_webmaster: Are the new album remasters a worlwide release? More precisely, will they be released in Argentina? Thanks in advance.
  13. Absolutely agree with Dark Lord. Jimmy did this for the fans. He cannot invent music that was not played 40 years ago. It is what it is and looks great. Of course, everyone will have their own frustrations regarding the material included or excluded. To me, I think Jimmy could have included the unreleased BBC sessions in the LZ II companion disc for example, but I absolutely trust taht we will be getting something really special. SO: THANKS JIMMY A THOUSAND TIMES!!!!
  14. I wish Jimmy would have included Tangerine in HTWWW...he had 2 versions to merge into a "best of" edit. Can´t beleive that neither of them was up to standard.
  15. Is it possible that Jimmy hates the song Tangerine? he left it from the HTWWW set and now no Tangerine on LZ III bonus disc... I looooove Tangerine though
  16. Do these links help? http://www.amazon.co.uk/Led-Zeppelin-II/dp/B00IXHBS6M/ref=pd_rhf_se_p_t_3_9HZ1 http://www.amazon.co.uk/Led-Zeppelin-VINYL/dp/B00IXHBMLS/ref=pd_rhf_se_p_t_2_GTG8
  17. Correct me if I´m wrong, but didn´t Pink Floyd release their entire catalog in super deluxe and deluxe editions all at one?
  18. I only care for unreleased, studio-live-audio-footage.
  19. 1973? You are dreaming! that´s thye band latest ever gig with Jim Morrison in December 1970.
  20. All of this talk reminds me of The Doors´ London Fog Tapes. Who would have ever imagined those tape existed? Not even the band itself knew about it. Why would the band or anyone else have recorded the gig? It was 66...nobody knew abut The Doors then, It was even before the whisky. If those tapes would have been rumored to exist...who would have actually believe it? BTW...The Doors are putting out the London Fog tapes at the end of the year. Oh...and the New Orleans tapes? Rumored for years...nobody believed...now there is strong proof they are real. And I believe they will be released somed
  21. A very sad loss. The Doors introduced me to rock and roll and were my favorite band for many years. Go in peace Ray.
  22. The problem is that every LZ official live release takes yeeeeeeaaaars to materialize. Hence, we fans are desperate to get our hands on whatever Zepp puts out. Jimmy doesn´t believe in bootlegs so he would rather die instead of releasing official bootleg kind-of material. He has sued bootleggers more than once. In my opinion, Jimmy must realize that FANS made LZ huge, and the band owes them something. He must show fans that were not that time around what LZ was. I thank him a lot for preparing himself personally,(and not letting any incompetent to do so) with the best intentions and care th
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