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  1. I do not consider myself an ignorant about music, dut I don´t seem to find many common things between zepp and hendrix, appart from the riffy kndo of rock they produced.
  2. Come on are there any tull fans who have seen jack in the green dvd? the biographical dvd?
  3. Although I have not seen it yet, the new live in germany looks promising. U have been able to see some songs on youtube and are all great. I want to know if someone here has allready seen the newest dvd their fully authorized story and has something to coment for fans to know.
  4. Has anyone by far seen the dvd live in germany?
  5. Can we please return to the Jethro Tull thread?
  6. Hi everybody... Is there a live version from the beginning apart from the montreaux 97P I mean back in the 70´s any live album or video bootleg?
  7. The top ten threads are pointless because at the end itps always a matter of opinions. So I would say that my favourite bass players are JPJ Glenn Hughes John Glascock
  8. I beleive Ian had a throat surgery in 84-85. The first album ater this was Crest of a knave, which Ian sang in a lower tone.
  10. Does anybody know if the dvd fully authorised story will be available also in the states?
  11. Hi averybody... I´m new in this thread. I´ve read that Van halen covered Deep Purple´s Maybe I´m a Leo in the early days. Do you know if a recording of this official or bootleg does exist?
  12. What do you know about the upcomming anniversary dvd? I read that there will be many interviews and a "rare" 1969 footage, but nothing else has surfaced. I hope they have included many concert footage from all periods.
  13. the most interesting and updated link to see this is on amazon germany
  14. Do you know that jethri tull is about to release none less than two dvds? First one is called jack in the green live in germany and features parts of concerts from 70, 71, 82, 86 and 93. Many clips allready available on youtube Release date is 20 may. Sewcond one is a biographical 2 dvd set with extensive booklet and suposed to have many unseen interviews and concert footage. release dat is june 2. Both of the are officuial! Very good news for tull fans eh?
  15. Bonzo seems to have said many stupid things about many bands. In the remasterded Aqualung CD, Ian anderson says he got on very well with zepp except for plant.
  16. Matbe you are right. However I do remember a quote from Martin Barre which read "the only JT line up which has no historical importance was the first!
  17. [More details here http://www.pinnacle-vision.co.uk/titles/pr...&Label=D902
  18. Thanks for the link. A shame that still few information is provided. I see also a new DVD called Live in germany which I doubt uf it is official. And finaly a remastered THis was which I understand even less..IOan doesn´t rate that line up very much!
  19. Ut was announced thet an orricial 40 anniversary dvd would be releaed in march. We are nearung mau and nothing else has been said or found on the net. Anybidy knows something?
  20. The Doors will release their classic album on april 22nd.
  21. Can anyone tell me where can I find a tab for this version? cause it´s hard to learn by watching jimmy play!!
  22. I know this has been asked before, but can anyone tell me what tuning does jimmy use for the song when he performs in Earls Court?
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