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  1. Thank you for the heads up, I had no idea this existed. Are there any other Page/Plant outtakes you are aware of?
  2. After watching and listening to the version at the 02 show in 2007 I personally find it to be my favorite version.
  3. Hi....I find myself listening to 1970-09-06 Honolulu a lot. A powerful show, like all the early shows.
  4. Thanks to all that sent me a message about this show, it is fantastic!
  5. I sure would like to listen to the Orlando gig, its one I dont have and cant find. Any help? nudge nudge wink wink
  6. no....respect of peds is wrong.
  7. Ok, Im a bit naive on this. What is wrong with wind farms? What is the proposed alternative? Is there anything that is good? Fossil fuels will eventually run out, I see no issue with looking towards the future. But why does everyone bitch and complain about every alternative?
  8. Sorry to post again but I am anxious One of the articles I read states "Jimmy Page wrote a new song for the film" Has anyone heard this or have a sample of it?
  9. Does anyone have a link to the music James wrote for the film?
  10. no, its not that simple simpleton
  11. you really dont get the point. good luck
  12. I sang a led zeppelin song in the shower this morning. I will write about it tomorrow and place it in the news section. Why do you all watch this tv crap???
  13. You really think American Idol is zeppelin news???
  14. If your ears tell you its lyrical then it is. You dont need confirmation from anyone else
  15. Seriously, this does not belong in the Led Zeppelin news section. Please take it somewhere else.
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