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  1. Dude, your missing out on some kick ass Zep if you dont listen to any Dazed over 12 minutes..your loss frankly, or ADD....
  2. Great thread by the way! Never thought I would see this on a Zep site. You know, Zep heads tend to be the most intelligent fans. Doubt I would see this on say a ACDC site(no offense ACDC fans). ZEP fans rock and unite!
  3. The term itself is wrong. There is depression as you describe which is normal. The debilitating kind is something else and should not even be called depression in order to differentiate it. I think this step would make things more understandable to people that have no idea what this type of depression does. It is not depression but something else..hmm, since there is not a proper name yet I will call it No Quarter disease...yeah, thats it...seriously, it needs a different title to alleviate the society stigma associated with normal depression
  4. Where is that pic from? LA? I went to a concert at the Orpheum over a year ago. Right now I have been listening to 9-6-70 in Honolulu. Kicks ass and Moby Dick is jammin.
  5. I still dont hear it as a reggae song. Never did..when I first started reading that it was a reggae song I was very puzzled...I love the song though...If it is reggae then it is definitely a white boy version
  6. I remember I bought this album just cause Jimmy is on it. I wasnt expecting much. It turned out to be one of my favorite albums ever. There are some really good tunes on it, Elizabeth, Hope, etc.
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