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  1. Ever seen a group of Peace Corps members with their heads chopped off? Guess they should've had machetes too. Ever been sodomized by a pitch fork? Go ahead next caller, what's your fantasy...

    Pet Peeves

    Impulse post! Freddie Mercury no matter how gay is awesome! Pretty good for a Persian! And Brian May a guitarist and astrophysicist, just finished his PHD short time ago!
  3. Sweet pics! Did you feel any energy while you were up there? I've got some friends out of Alexandria, Va who hold rituals there once a year. Into some real "National Treasure" stuff. They do a certain ritual of prescribed turns and if you lay inside the chamber it loosens you up for Astral Projection, or so they say. Mystical Order of the Veiled Prophets of the Enchanter Realm (MOVPER) Located @: 38°48’26.38”N 77°03’52.78”W Google Earth It!!!
  4. Well thank you, I have a hard time keeping up with these posts. I played around with guitar back in school, (Music Class) but the teacher was more into showing off skills to impress teenage girls than show anyone else how to play. I had my 5th...lord when I was...26. I got fixed a month afterwards. It gets expensive, ya know? Thank you for the kind words, I've been spinning people up who don't like US military so much in another post. It's amazing how people judge you as being intolerant and having a hero complex, especially when it's in Led Zeppelin forum. Makes you wonder what cosmic rabbit-hole did I wonder upon. Keep up the good work and pick that guitar back up!!! I just said screw it I'm gonna be a rock star even if it's just in my basement. Three chords and the truth sister! Long Love Led!
  5. Thanks I'll check it out. Well since I'm tired of pissing people off. I really am a Led Zeppelin fan through and through. If anyone cares I've got a couple videos I done of me playing some Led. Search YouTube for SpecOpPres or try this link: http://www.youtube.com/results?search_quer...mp;search_type= Not perfect by no means but been playing solid for about two years now. Still trying to learn scales and lead. "Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new."
  6. When you need saving sit there and rot ya stuck up bitch! Just Kiddin' How's your mom?
  7. Now that is a .308 Bolt Action, AR-10 Type, 10 Rd Mag, Fluted Bull Barrel, Helical Grooved Bolt, Pachymar Grip, w/Marksman Cheek-Weld Stock w/ Riser. Nice Scope Too, Perhaps a 10X40-60 Zoom Mil-Dot Adjustments w/ Parallax & Coriolis (Curvature & Spin O' the Earth), Adjustments Sweet setup, is it your's?
  8. It's a monkey with a gun, do you want to be a human clearing barrel?
  9. Now that's funny coming from an Aussie. How's that gun control coming along? It really sucks when roving gangs of criminals break into your house at dinner and sodomize your wife while you lick the cat's ass in fear, but then again an astute observation from "Convict Island's School of British Detritus" regarding conservatives. I got my degree in a compressed course called the Middle East. Now I'm studying advanced lessons by being a teacher, I know scary. Guess I should pity the country that needs heroes rather than has any, Ned Kelly doesn’t count, BTW how do you feel about the “Asianisation” of Australia? Seems to be a common theme there with all the tolerant people there, but I don’t want to stereotype. I actually would love to come to Australia. I’ve always wanted to raise Wombats so that I could shave them to clothe the homeless after their house has been burnt down around the owners after a home invasion. All fairness aside I do admire someone who has convictions in their beliefs; ultimately it keeps things interesting…hmmm conflict. I do love a good round of insult fest to get the blood flowing so I must ask; do all Australians attend Lemon Parties? It just seems like you might want to check that one on Google (GRAPHIC), because it seems to fit the Godless Sodomite mentality. Oh and what’s up with the Baby Jesus Quote and the Commie Russian Astronauts? I know of a CAABA but it’s the meteorite stone at Mecca that they go on the Hajj for to look at your mom’s vagina after your big ass head first sniffed her ass when you came in through the outdoor, but I guess that’s why they call them Hajjis. Throw anotha skrimp on tha bar-bay! Have a good day, Don’t-cha-twant –a-lot-a pus! At the end of the day, what can I say, you's a Led fool, and that makes anyone cool.
  10. Now that's cold! You gotta stick & twist... I might rant a bit but I'd never wish injury on anybody, well unless they were a threat. Let me put my guns on the table, now then we can be friends again.
  11. Hah Hah! Good one, I can take a jab.
  12. Whah? A Drive In? I miss those things. We lived in D.C. for 5 years and would have drove to go to a drive in. Have fun!
  13. I love fucking with people. "Always keep an open mind, but not so open that our brains fall out". Rock On!!! Over The Hills & Far Away
  14. Here's another rant: Anybody in here ever taken any college courses in Poli-Sci? National Security Courses, ect? Who is the judge of an intelligent argument? Unless anyone has been in a combat zone has ZERO credence in speaking about it. You definitely have the RIGHT to speak your mind. But it's like trying to teach a dog Calculus when you try purvey concepts about things which only the experience of the initiated can comprehend. Most are quick to make judgments based off limited experience. It is much harder to have a real dialogue. SO with the volatile nature of this very subject bringing forth Ideas is demonstrative of how conflict brings about growth. Ever been in relationship that you never argued about ANYTHING? It's pretty boring, and important things never get talked about. That's the stance the MYANMAR Govt has taken, just stick your head up your butt and the people floating on their doors will go away. I believe one of you stated that they would go into Intelligence is they went into the military. Checkout US Army MOS 96B, 97B, 96E. You must have an open mind when you're in ANY branch of the military. Otherwise you get sadly surprised and haven't done your job. Unfortunately the people in charge of Govt don't listen to the warning signs we've given them and fail to act to prevent major catastrophes. This was a huge factor with Bill Clinton. He was the worst President ever and his C*NT of a wife needs to crawl back under her rock. At least G.W. did something about it. I was there through the whole thing from 1999-2004 by his side. Nothing like a bunch of foreigners and hippies making judgment calls on shit they have no fuckin clue about. But hey a pig is a clean animal but usually likes to waller in their own shit because that's the environment they've been placed in. This current war is a not even a war it is a police action, it is a regional conflict, and is a mess. But Combat is hell; just ask a street cop who’s been in combat arresting gang members. People who sit in their Aero-Anti-Gravity Chairs or Wi-Fi Pukes responding from Starbucks are the reason why the Terrorists want to blow us up. It's funny, the reason many of the so called, "Terrorists" want to saw your heads off with a dull butter knife in the city street, is because of these fucking puke in your soup liberals, movie stars, musicians, ect. These liberals cry out for understanding and the War is atrocious. It’s the Madonna’s, Paris Hilton’s, and vocal minority that actually get exposure overseas through the media that these people see that make them sick. They don’t see the people that actually run this country, farmers, factory workers, housewives, & common people that run this country and make it great. These are the people who actually have firm conservative values and understand that if you don’t live by rules and mediate hypocrisy then it really is just an intellectual exercise in futility. So the fundamentalists may be on the middle tier of “Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs” but it is a wonder why they are being held back by the backslide of human accomplishment with the onslaught of Do-Gooders that haven’t got their own lives in order, because they live their lives vicariously through advocacy of sticking their noses in people’s business when they weren’t even invited. The road to hell is paved with good intentions. They get tied up in the details rather than looking at the root problems and there’s nothing worse than a doctor that just treats the symptoms so they can keep themselves employed. Cancer is booming economy is it not? Wars start because of economies? This is a large part of the equation, but who’s going to give up their pay check? It’d be cool if we’d just give up all our worldly possessions, but we did away with that a long time ago when we settled down and started planting crops. So who’s stuck in the past, the ones who forge ahead and protect the nation-state or the ones who just want to be passive? This principle is self-evident why we have a military in all nations. It’s not the 4% of the weakest minds of a nation that defend it. It’s those who can see the need to serve it and tolerate those who cannot comprehend why they fight for what they believe. The others are just spectators of history. With few exceptions do people in any military see themselves as heroes, it’s just the opposite. It is the zeal and passionate nature that drives most and not a sense of entitlement from the by-standers. Does a professional get a job performance rating from ditch digger? It’s the pissy-assed welfare class that think they are entitled that are ruining this country. Just who we need involved in making the big decisions to forge the path of this country. Bill Clinton was all about this that’s why he gave himself a $200,000 raise first term in office. Entitlement is not a birth right it is earned. I thought this was the Land of Opportunity not a Mad TV Skit of Lowered Expectations. Drummerman, I know you like to stir the pot and I'm the same. Otherwise I wouldn't have even bothered. Most times I'd just let the chaff float away, but nothing like poking the jab. So I’ll wrap this dissertation up with; a man is not a man that doesn’t leave the world a better place.
  15. It was awesome, took the whole family and even my wife liked it.

    Pet Peeves

    Amen! Got five kids and it is a real PIMA
  17. What made me happy today is textually deflowering sensitive readers. What a bunch of weenies over on the War/No-War postings. Good god, like a bunch a jizz-mopping hookers crying about their career choices.
  18. Bonham's Car is pretty cool huh? It was in the Song Remain's the Same. Sorry bout the other BS. That's not cool. I apologize. Just like messing with folks on these things.
  19. Baby Jesus Huh? Guess he missed the posting clinic. What a complete waste of space. You really seem to be able to blink out the football picks from your wheelchair Superman! No room for critical thinking eh? Well I am sorry to inform you but you must not have taken physics in high school or even college. Use a little cognition and understand what analogy & metaphor is and read it again. You have zero clue as my background and experience so your judgement is one of ignorance. I can take cheap shots like the rest of them and I can give them. This is all good entertainment. Keep it up. Since you have the Jesus comment in your block I'll leave you with another nailbitter. Jesus was a necromancer and a high priest of the desert forms of the Bedouin religon that ties in with modern day Witchcraft and Wicca. The same style as embeded in Islam with the cresent moon. Jesus was a real person as proved by the Remote Viewing CIA Stargate Program of the 60's and 70's. So the twelve disciples with the high priest formed what is tied in with the coven to match up with the 8 Fixed and 4 Moveable signs of the Zodiac and the high priest syncing with the unseen constellation with Polaris as the footstep/stool of the throne of the Most High drawing down the power to bring about the kingdom on earth. This forms a holographic self-replicating energy seed that is two inversely spinning Tetrahedrons which appears as the Davidic Star & Golden Skull of Light (Six-Pointed Star for the Non-Kosher). These seeds are composed of the thoughts for the betterment of mankind which will grow and produce fruit after it's kind. To produce 60 and 120 per measure. Glaring cues to the 60 degrees inside and the 120 degree three-way split of the Equialateral Triangle to the Merkabah. I have been to the mountain how about you, nah you just did the Dew. Fiat Lux Bitches! Have fun with that little nugget, sheepman. Ohhhh what a deranged psyco, I can't believe this guy is in the military! There I took care of that for ya. God Bless.
  20. Yeah I'm in the Air Force. You guys are really not getting the point. This is a Led Zeppelin post right? Some of the greatest writers & performers of modern music to ever walk the earth. Who in the f**k comes on here to rant about war and politics? I was amazed that this was even on this forum, but hey people are bored and I knew I'd get a rise out of some basement jizz moppers. Just leave the war mongering to those that stepped forward instead of a few steps back. We don't love war to include most of the Army, we just do our jobs. Oh and the adolescent remark about the Air Force, not cool, maybe poker is just not your game, I know let's have a spelling contest. I knew I'd see something funny today a bunch of psycological midgets crying about skint knees.
  21. EMO are like Emu's, they shuffle their feet, smells like a dead hooker, kick midgets, and peck at shit all day.
  22. Or Just put some VISINE® in their coffee.....
  23. Here's what you do with liars: Chicken Milk Tank: One Chicken Drumsick One GLASS Mayo Jar Some Milk Put about 1/3 Jar O' milk and add drumsick. Close lid tightly. Place Jar w/ contents in key location; desk, car, house, be imaginative! PROCESS & EFFECTS: Over time the chicken become putrid and the milk ferments. Pressure builds to the point of cracking the jar, usually just pops and cracks. And all hell breaks loose. Whatever item you place this in will have to be destroyed, thrown away, ect. You cannot get the smell out!!! If it's a car they'll have to sell it for parts, and/or just crush it. If it's a house they will not be able to sell it, rather probably just burn it. Use Caution when dealing with liars in this manner. Awwwwww Riiiiiight!!!
  24. What made me happy today was I saw a Korean midget skin his knee.
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