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  1. joey123 - please see post #51, is it possible you got my tickets? It was amazing that you got tickets! Some of my daughter's teachers are fans, they were so jealous that she got tickets, then so devastated when she got back and had missed out. Thank you every one for your thoughts, AussieFan
  2. Thank you brspled for your thoughts. I liked your story! I am still hopeful for a refund and I spend a lot of time emailling authorities in England trying to find out what I can do. 18,000 of the 20,000 tickets were by ballot, did anyone else buy their tickets from Advantage Tickets? Regards, AussieFan, mother of a younger Aussie fan.
  3. I bought two tickets to the O2 concert from Advantage Tickets in September. My 15 year old daughter travelled to England just to go to this show, it was her 16th birthday present from the whole family. She waited for 3 weeks in England for Jimmy's finger to mend, and on the 10th she waited at the door all day for her tickets to arrive. Advantage Tickets kept assuring us that the tickets were on their way. But they never arrived. The next morning my EXTREMELY dissapointed daughter left England. Advantage Tickets said their courier had stolen my two tickets, and another two tickets from on
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